Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waving the white flag of surrender.......

MaggieGrace is whipped. Beat. Defeated. I will never be addicted to pain meds - I take them as needed, but I really hate how they make me feel. And how I feel after I quit taking them. The kidney stone pain is now at a point where I can manage it with OTC meds - Advil and Aleve. But all of my muscles are weak weak weak - like jello weak.

Yesterday - MaryAnn's advice seemed so unnecessary. Rest -- not even. Besides, MaggieGrace was BORED. I have repeatedly uttered that I do not sit still well at all. But I didn't have the energy for an all out studio cleanse (and that will be required before serious use again). But I gathered up a couple of boxes - the paper cutter and a few hand punches. Add glue stick. Then I traipsed off into the house.

I dumped paper scraps out of all those boxes onto the table. I gathered up those envelopes that I made and posted about here. I initially just found pieces big enough for note flats. Then went back and started some simple punching and collaging embellishments.

Here are a few of the results. A little space for a few words.

Because - I have learned from my beautiful friend MaryAnn that it really doesn't take a long letter. I get little notes often from her. a couple of lines - sometimes several. And every one of them makes my day. I am taking these lessons from her and trying so hard to apply them. But she is mos def one of my family's favorite people. We love you sweetie.

MaggieGrace ran out of steam before said little diversion project was finished. But I'll be back there tonight finishing up. And hey ----- this was all made from scrap/stash. Because apparently, I keep everything.

Hell - right now I'm even hoarding that damn kidney stone.

Have a wonderful day.

Oh and just a little fun stuff. My sister in law Lynda and her big brother who also happens to be "the man at my address". Barefoot Boy's hair looks a lot like this right now ------

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