Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend update......

Well - all ball related activities were cancelled. Since the MOJO returned, this was a great thing, because I had those UFO's waiting in the studio. And I finished and framed one of them. The frame is not great, but I had it so there you go.

Meet MAJESTY. A mixed media angel. I love her. She framed up into an 8.5 x 11 size frame and features various sized mother of pearl buttons.

A soldered marble charm makes her precious face.

Wings - vintage lace (thank you Carrie) overlay on a music page. Her wings are dusted with clear glass glitter. Her halo - an orphaned earring (thank you MaryAnn).

In this view you can see that her wings arch - the dimension makes me oh so happy. Her name plate says MAJESTIC, and it is from a player piano roll. I love its faded look.

She is mounted on rough textured linen. This linen has major color varients in it. It is an end from a linen used to make artist canvases. This is normally gessoed over so the variations don't matter. (see lower right corner). I love the irregularities. I have about a 24 x 18 inch peice of this left and then I'll be searching for more. I also used this linen on my tag collage.

This is a pretty accurate color pix of her. What cha think?

NOW -- my facebook status from last night referenced - lemon honey glazed pork chops and resulted in several requests for the recipe. And some questions about my diet.

I eat normal food. I eat out with my family. I cook normal food for my family. I loosely follow the guidelines for the weight watchers points program. I have adapted food choices for myself (and those at my address). The biggest difference is in how I approach food mentally and how I interpret the signals my body sends. I now take the time to enjoy my food and the company I am eating with. This week, I'll be focusing on my new approach to eating.

For right now - here is the recipe for the pork chops.

pork chops (your preference on cut etc.)
spread them out in a single layer in your baking pan.
salt and pepper to taste
add a dollop of butter to the top of each chop
(my nod to paula deen)
squeeze the juice of a large lemon over the chops
drizzle with honey

By all means adjust the seasoning to fit your family's taste.

bake at 375 until the chops test done with a meat thermometer. mine were 1/2 inch think and they cooked about 45 minutes last night. I turn mine once about halfway thru cooking, but the man at my address doesn't and it really doesn't matter in the finished result.

I served these last night with rice and fresh broiled asparagus. I spooned sauce out of the pan over my rice and porkchop. I ate no bread (my Lenten sacrifice) but the rest of the crew had crescent rolls.

the most difficult part of eating right with this kind of food. eating only one porkchop. the glaze (sauce) is so good and it would be easy to eat more than one.

Nothing I prepare routinely for my family is ever difficult. I am learning to enjoy my time in the kitchen, but I still would rather be done with it so I can head to the studio.

Have a wonderful day - Oh and MAJESTY is for sale. email me for details. my email is linked through my profile -----

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