Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An illustration

Good morning all.

Today is a better day.

It started with the scale stopping before I expected it to. I can now proclaim a 40 pound weight loss. That is always the beginning of a good day.

Softball Princess has a "seriously cute" black eye from last night's game. (the seriously cute phrase would be her description - not mine)

As we were eating dinner we were discussing a school project that she is working on. Get ready people - disillusionment about to occur. We had dinner at McDonald's. I was eating a salad. (just so you guys know) She grabbed the little paper with all the nutrition stuff on it. Her project is on fast food.

Did you know that a BIG MAC is a better food choice than a ZAXBY's CHICKEN STRIP CEASAR ZALAD?

Here is the comparison from their published nutrition information

540 calories
29 grams of fat
1040 mg sodium
25 grams protein

ZALAD (no dressing included in figures)
665 calories
34 grams of fat
1764 mg sodium
57 grams protein

I used these items because they happen to be my favorites at the two fast food joints. I have avoided the BIG MAC even when I craved it and went and grabbed my ZALAD (the two are just down the street from one another near my work) thinking I was making a better decision. Next time I crave a BIG MAC -- I'm having it.

My biggest change when I started to improve my health was to stop eating out as much. I carry a cooler to ball games and avoid the fast food lunch and concession stand if possible. We cook at home a lot more as well. All required for my health - and my family's health too. It takes more planning and effort - but the health benefits are huge.

Now - for those who read my post from yesterday - here is an illustration of the demands placed on me. I was in the back of the house last night after the soccer game. Abby was on the sofa in the living room reading a book for her literature class. She is in the room with the tv - I am in the other end of the house. My cell phone buzzed with a text message and this is what I found.

Oh yeah - you know I grabbed the camera this morning to blog that line........ too good to let go.

I went to the living room and confronted said child - then announced that she was to be the star of todays blog post............

You gotta laugh --- it was just that funny.

BTW - she turned the tv off.

Have a wonderful day.

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