Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Lost!!!!!!

I whined those words last night to LBF. I can't find it. It just disappeared. What am I going to do? And it pisses me off that I can't find it. -------- that is my end of the conversation. His -- this happens, just relax, you will find it, don't be so stressed.

Sounds like something of epic value was lost. So what was I looking (no searching hard for)? My crafting mojo - my muse - my joy - my alter ego. Which for me I guess was pretty epic.

I haven't been in the studio to create in weeks. So last night I decided that the mojo must be buried in the mess that used to be my work surface. Materials piled up everywhere. Unfinished projects that had just baffled my poor brain. All that ganged up and hid the mojo. Sounds logical --- I'm sticking to the story.

So --- hoping I would find it. I made myself go to the studio. With ONE objective. FINISH ONE OF THOSE UFO's littering the table.

An altered compostion book. Covered with a wonderful scrapbooking paper weeks ago. and set aside. I gathered it up - took a deep breath and decided - put something on it - don't worry about it being some of your best work just finish it.

I added the tea stained vintage flower and the pearlized front of a screw on earring (thanks MaryAnn)

I stalled -- just do something I told myself. Then dug out an adhesive metal embellishment. Call it done - and set it aside as complete.

Now then - that wasn't so bad was it. Even better - I kinda like the outcome.

Put all the stuff away that was associated with this UFO. See countertop start to emerge. Breathe a little easier.

Well lets see what happens with this one.

Stare into space.

Read text. Check facebook. Procrastinate. Love on dog. Procrastinate some more. Poke around in boxes. MMMMMM.

Maybe these spool labels will come off easy. Check that out. Those might just work. I know, maybe there's a polyester yoyo in that box that will work. That's better. Now a button - whew. Quick - glue it all down before you change your mind.

Set it aside and call it done too. (note - the picture can easily be changed in the little frame.) Amazing - I'm rather happy with this one too.

More countertop exposed - put away the things that were piled with this one.

Gather scissors - pliers - cutters - put them in their little racks - geez at least it looks better in here.

Wait - I could do that really quick -

Earrings quickly assembled. Me a pair - college girl too. Simple - classic - deep golden vintage pearl beads. Put away jewelry findings - and the little saucer that held this project.

Dang - that counter is somewhat cleaned off. Scary - I still ain't found that mojo. But I gave a good search. Try again tomorrow night after all the other crap life demands.

Turn off the lights - close the door - drop hasp into place -- love on dog -- treat her -- bath - blood pressure med -- bed.

3AM today ------ wake up ----- blood pressure med induces a middle of the night bathroom break. Get back in bed. Guess who shows up from a long hiatus - probably sipping umbrella drinks in a sandy sunny location.

YUP -- the MOJO returns.

Toss - turn - until 5am then give into it and get up --- see the finished project in the next few days.

Glad the MOJO is back. But if I find out just where MOJO goes for the long vacations, next time I'm going on the trip.

Have a wonderful day.

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