Monday, March 08, 2010


It was a good weekend. Softball Princess played soccer on Friday night and Softball all day Saturday. My weekend looked like this. A bag of crochet random width stripes. I have a bag of thrifted 2 ply yarn and I am turning it into a throw. One ballgame at a time. There is no method to the madness. Run out of yarn - tie on some new - use a different color. The kind of blanket I have come to love. Showing that everything has purpose. A keep in the car - wrap up when needed blanket. Not fancy - just used over and over.

I read Rosalyn-Sue's post this morning and tears formed. She is in that place that all of us mom's find ourselves at some point or another. Weighing ourself and our life decisions against those of our family. Which of the multiple paths do we choose? How will our decisions affect the lives of those around us? How will we know what the right decisions are? I have no real advice, so I just prayed.

Truth is - we don't know. I look at my girls and see how close they were. Now that they are older and College Girl is away most of every week, some of this closeness has evaporated. As it should. But they have a foundation of a relationship that will most likely not crumble. I like that. Somewhere, somehow, the decisions I made added to the strength of that foundation.

I have watched this little girl - become a respectful teenager (most days). She still eats sleeps and breathes her chosen sport.

Parents of girls -- let them play ball. The self esteem and discipline they gain from organized activities is so important. Both of mine are athletes and the influence of sports on them has been worth every minute and penny we have given the activity.

Here she is on Saturday.
It was a beautiful day. Temps near 60 degrees. Bright sunshine. I relaxed and crocheted. It was wonderful.

My girls from sometime in 2006.

My girls today.

My girls in the future - who knows. But one thing for sure. They are prayed for. They are loved.

I am in awe of the young women that they have become. I am looking forward to the adults they will be.

As for me - I'm thinking at least some of the decisions I made were the right ones.

Rosalyn-Sue - the decisions you make out of the love of your heart will be the ones that bring you the most peace. AND they are probably the right decisions too.

Have a bright day everyone.

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