Friday, March 19, 2010

An unsolicited review

ETA - found the direct link

Wind chimes tend to stress me. Lots of people love them, but often they are high pitched and the sound drives me crazy.

But these --- I love these. I could not find a direct link to the artists. The link above send you to the one I have. I have had this for several years. Low and harmonious. Visually serene. Oh so relaxing. You can listen to the bell sound by clicking the link.

My inlaws bought this for us and it hangs on the end of my kitchen porch. I can hear from the kitchen when the door is open. I can hear it at night because of the way my bedroom extends from the house.

The weather has improved here - so last night the door was open in the kitchen. A light breeze filtered in. Just enough to softly toll the bell chime. I was in sock feet and fixing a quick bite when I noticed that I just love where I live and even though there is much to still do to have this house where I want it, it is a home and I am quite happy here.

So go - listen to the bells - and if anyone knows the Davidson Family who creates these works of beauty - please let them know that I think they are quite lovely bells.

Have a great weekend.

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