Friday, February 02, 2007

And we're off.

Okay - so I browsed through my last few posts. And- like okay - I haven't been very crafty. After all isn't this what MaggieGrace started out to be. I have been carrying a ton of stress on the shoulders - like the weight of the world - with all of the upheaval in my life. But now I can see things improving greatly.

So "my bags are packed and I am ready to go" (anybody know who sang this in the Armageddon Movie???) Molly and I are off this evening to Chattanooga, TN - she has a tournament there tomorrow. I have a cross stitch project - complicated so I may not work on it - that depends on how intense the competition is. I have an ornament in the process of being completed - this has potential - it's easy and mindless and keeps me from screaming at officials. AND I have a bag of worsted weight cheap acrylic yarn scraps - All of you real knitters out there together say GROSSSSSS.

These scraps of yarn were in a bag of stuff I gathered, kept, inherited, multiplied like dust bunnies in the back of the storage bin. I spent two hours last night untangling and making cute little balls from this stuff. The plan - one of those wonderful scrappy afghans ALA Belladia And Posie. But I cannot do stripes. I have a problem with the proper tension so my long stretches tend to "wave" along the side. To spread out kinda like my lower half has done over the years. So mine is to be a granny square set up. I plan to literally grab a color and add to it as I go. After I have all of this mess crocheted up, I will go back with black and make up any squares to finish it out. I hope this will become a picnic blanket - a snuggle blankie - a car blanket - a tent - cover for a couple of kids at the ball field - you know that thing you can toss out and the into the washer and dryer. I will post progress photos next week.

The image above is a fun and copyright free one from Dover. I get an email regularly from them with images. Seemed to fit my post theme. You can sign up for your email and free images at

Hold down the fort for me - I plan to enjoy my oldest daughter's company in the car. And music - no telling what we may sing along to. If you see us - roll down the window and wave. We will turn up the radio and allow you to sing along too.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Jean said...

I hope you and your daughter have a super and crafty weekend!

Roxanne said...

I hope you have a great time Teresa! Road trips are the best! I'm so glad things are getting back to normal for you. I got my package of little treasures today - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You are too good to us! I love the little heart. When I got the mail today it was super cold out. I opened immediately before I even got back inside. It was so cold and frosty from sitting out in the mailbox, it was like a little ice heart!! Too cool - pun intended. My mind is also going like crazy with a ton of ideas for the wallpaper. Again, much thanks!

P.S. Ben Affleck started that song in Armaggedon, but then the whole crew joined in by the end!