Thursday, February 22, 2007

The green eyed monster

The green eyed monster has claimed every ounce of my brain this morning. Yes that monster is envy. Not the ugly kind of envy where you are angry and sullen and ugly and raging.

This is more subtle. Soft. Sugary sweet. The kind of envy that will make me get my ass in gear to get my space ready. The kind of envy that makes me wish I lived near this because, I could sit and absorb.

I bought the Romantic Homes mag with Alicia Paulson's studio featured. I drooled. I gushed. I studied details.

I own the Jo Packham book Where Women Create. I have picked out ideas, and items, and favorites there too.

Then this morning, as I cruised my blogroll, these images appeared. I apologize profusely Heather, but I swiped an image. I am giving you full credit. I am giving you full admiration. I bow down to you. I wish you could help with mine. I wish .... I want .... I desire ....

For all of you readers who think I am nuts. Stop with my blog and go see this .

Only the most wonderful studio space on earth. With recycled and reconfigured pieces. Color that looks as if it could be one of her fabric lines. Organized. Beautiful. Even Heather calls it her Sugar Shack. I can see magazines lining up everywhere to photograph this and feature her.

And if you read through her archives, you will find that Heather is a wife and mother and creative genius and fabric designer and generous with tips and techniques. Add that she is beautiful too. I have been a faithful reader since I found her site months ago.

Take a trip. Visit with her. But I warn you - be prepared for the brain cell firing up that will occur when you are inspired. I am in some serious studio space lust with this one. I hope all of you will visit too.

Leave a comment about what you think here too.

Have a beautiful day. I think I may just use this image as my screen background, and try to keep the drool from the hitting the keyboard.


Vallen Queen said...

These places ARE incredible but if I had aplace so beautiful I doubt that I'd want to mess it up crafting.

Dee Light said...

This is Wonderful. If it were mine I know it would be a mess. But I still want it.

Gina said...

I know exactly how you feel. I love the big chunky table in the middle and that book break taking...(sigh..Some day)

Francie M. said...

Ah, my dear girl those places really only exist in magazines....and other peoples places. In real real life, it's kitchen or dining room tables OR if we are really fortunate maybe a table in an un-used guest room. Pardon me while I wipe my drool....
PS The Queen sent me.