Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lenten Observation

The girls and I observe the Lenten season every year. To us this is an important part of our faith tradition. The season of Lent covers the 40 days from Ash Wednesday through Easter. The scripture readings we follow, carry us through the life of Christ and culminate Easter weekend.

One of the traditions we follow is the giving up of something important to us. It can be a food or habit - anything that makes us realize a sacrifice and causes us to focus on that sacrifice and pray or become closer to God. For a simple explanation of Lent go to

I made the decision to give up bread and bread products. Aka breaded meats and pasta as well as bread in its recognized forms. What I did not realize is what a major source of carbs bread was in my diet. I am now defined as a Carbohydrate Addict. I am suffering withdrawal symptoms. Early on, I was tired, cranky, and nauseaous. Now - I feel as if I have a tight rubber band wrapped around my midline. It is better, but I did not anticipate this. Medical advice is - stick this out and I will feel so much better. And - HUGE PLUS - this could be the jump start my body needs to continue my weight loss.

I have been a little scarce this week. Nothing wrong, just busy. Work is wide open and that Home and Garden Show is this weekend. So I am building a show booth. This does qualify as a creative endeavor and I really cannot wait to show you guys photos of the process and the finished booth next week. There will be NO crafting and creating time this weekend other than the show. But I will be back on track next week.

I will catch up on some things next week. I owe some return gifts, and thank you notes and those will be taken care of too.

Have a wonderful day.

Photo above is the interior of the Ida Calloway Memorial Chapel at Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain GA.


Natasha said...

What a lovely church, I always feel such a draw to beautiful churches. I love the lines, and the colors of them. I have a huge collection of photographs of different churches. Such a nice tribute picture to celebrate lent. On another note when I gave up mosst carbohydrates, i felt so much better after the first few days!! Hang in there you may not want to go back.

Vallen said...

I am down on carbs lately, too. I haven't experienced any adverse symptoms yet. Not looking forward to that. I'm doing it to make my tummy feel better.