Monday, February 26, 2007

When this .....

Is your constant companion for the weekend, you can see progress being made. I can see the leftovers of all that yarn being used up. I have 14 squares completed of the 64 that I need. So I define that as progress.
Busy weekend. Molly in downtown Atlanta at 8am Saturday for volleyball. Drive home and put her on the bus for soccer in Lexington, GA. Abby softball practice on Sat pm. Molly volleyball practice on Sunday pm. Visitation and funeral for my husband's uncle. Sunday AM church and lunch with just me and Abby on Sunday. I had to come back to work to rest.
For those of you who are a part of CIP - time to email me some progress shots. While I have some blogger gifts finished - it was one of my listed items- I can't post them - these ladies are the recipients - and I cannot spoil the surprise. The other items on my list are incredibly adventurous and will be year long anyway. Look for updates over there by the end of the week though.
The granny squares above are part of a use what I have project and will be a gift at the end of the road. I do have to say, my craft item spending remains WAY down, because I have been very diligent in my committment. Add to that, I am spending extra money on the studio, which is moving WAY too slowly for me. Especially now that I have seen Alicia's and Heather's spaces.
Many thanks to those who commented me on the last post. Sometimes I wonder if personal is where I need to go or if I need to stay in the "I am a creative person line." But no matter what I have put out there, you all have responded. And I really appreciate that.
Back to the granny's. I take the bag everywhere. It is big enough to drop my keys and my wallet into - so it replaces my purse. I actually made this bag from a tea towel and some ribbon for the handles. Goes into the wash easily. It is a workable size. I hang it from my chair at ballgames and sit it on the ground or floor at other events. It is in my truck all the time, so I can grab and add a few stitches while I wait. This keeps me from feeling that I am wasting time. The amazing thing about this is how many people are interested in what I am doing. The kids on my daughter's teams are all interested. Total strangers will start conversations. One of the parents actually volunteered to donate some remaining yarn she has for the project so maybe I won't have to buy any yarn for this blanket at all.
I have other plans for portable projects too. Some more cross stitch. Some fabric yo-yo projects. More crochet projects. Travel ball affords much time for this type of project.
Oh and about the lunch with Abby. She spends a ton of time with her Dad because he coaches her. I always get (have) to travel with Molly. So this is a rare treat for us to be alone together. She is much more like me than Molly and enjoys trying new foods. Yesterday was Sushi. Some things she liked - some she didn't, but we sure did have a great time. She is funny and adventurous and knows very little fear and is a delight to be around. And once we get through this I am 13 and I am awkward in my skin phase, she is going to be even more fun to be around. I love being a mother to these two girls. I take my role seriously, and yet I look forward to the friendship I can imagine us having as they enter adulthood.
I had a busy but wonderful weekend. Sure hope you did too.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a sweet Mom! What fun memories for your girls! CIP!! Is it already that time? Scramble!!