Monday, February 05, 2007

We are home safely

Two women - cash in hand - a tank of gas - cd's ready - snacks and drinks - a backseat full of luggage. It's a good thing no one else was along for the ride. There was no room. We are back from the tournament in Tennessee. Had a blast on the trip up there. We sang and talked and laughed. Seems my really intelligent child is learning disabled when it come to reading a map. That was a source of continual entertainment. We left at 6:15 pm and exactly 4 hours later we checked into the hotel. Slept and then played ball ALL day. We did not have a good performance, we were way out of our league there. But add it to experiences and we always take something back from it.

The tournament was on campus at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. An absolutely beautiful place. We played 8 games and won only two. So we never even got out of the pool bracket. We came home Sat night and crashed. Spent most of the day Sunday resting too.

I do have some handiwork to show for the weekend. I completed these granny squares for the scrappy afghan. There is no method to these colors. Literally scraps of yarn left overs. When I finish using up the scraps I am going to arrange with some solid black sqaures to complet the afghan. This is very portable. I have no idea how it is going to turn out. But it gives me something to do while I sit.

I made the photo against the heart pine floor in my living room. 100 year old, distressed by time. I love these floors.

I am working on some CIP things as well. I have found a Noah's Ark to embroider for my sister, that is going to be fun to work on and I am working on the sampler for my Aunt. I also have a ton of sketches for tree ornaments.

I hope you all had a great weekend.


Vallen said...

I'm glad you're home safely. I thought of you guys on your trip this weekend. You are amazing the ami=ount of things you get done!!!

Pink Granite said...

Glad to read that your Mom is continuing to improve and that you're getting back to more creative balance in your life! Thanks for the link to Dover in your recent post.
Be well...
- Lee

Roxanne said...

Glad you had a safe trip! Sounds like a wirlwhind of a weekend...glad you found some time to rest. I love your granny squares! They remind me of an adorable bag I saw on Anthropoligie's website.

P.S. I am in LOVE with your floors!! They just don't make em like that anymore.

MaryAnn said...

A magic parcel of fun arrived in my mailbox this weekend...thank you so much you sweet thing!