Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Look - more grannies

These adorable Easter baskets can be found at Inspireco. I adore Amy's blog and her online shop. I tried for a winter NeSt and missed them. For some seriously beautiful reading spend some time with her. For some seriously beautiful eye candy, spend some time with her.

The description of her listening to her husband getting ready for work was wonderful. The stuff romance novels are made of.

MaggieGrace is working on several things. But some I can't show yet.

Here is today's not so funny, funny. A co-worker of mine called in this morning. 40 years old and has the Chicken Pox. Big burly motorcycle guy has been reduced to a scratching, clawing, whining, mess. The rest of us have had them - so no danger. Just too funny that he had to be the one.

I am desperately overcommitted again, but this time it is via my children. Abby is playing softball AND soccer. Molly is playing volleyball AND soccer. I have a work conflict on the 1st weekend in March. I really need to clone me. The good thing is that I get lots of handwork done while they play ball. But right now I am feeling the pressure in a huge way.

I do hope all of you are having a wonderful day.

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Vallen said...

Chicken pox as an adult is pretty serious, I guess, but you gotta hand it to the guy for dodging them for so long.