Monday, February 12, 2007

Does anyone else have this???

I think this qualifies as a WIP mess. This pile is what has accumulated on the table next to my chair. I did not show you the snippings of threads that I pile in a candle holder on that same table.

I stitch in my chair in the living room. My kids and their dad are there, watching tv or at the computer. So I can help with homework and be a part of discussions. But the result is this pile.

What am I working on? The crewel work piece on the lower right. It is to be the center of a window in a Noah's ark wall quilt I am making for my sister for part of her Christmas. I am using up bits and pieces of fibers on this.

I found the square coloring book style print of the animals online. Enlarged it on the copier and used my handy transfer pen. I don't have a light table so I open my china cabinet door into the light and tape the image to the glass. Ironed onto a cotton calico and start stitching.

The sheep's wooly coat is done with some wool yarn in a modified seed stitch. I stacked the stitches and turned them in all different directions. Love the way this turned out. I can't do a french knot, so this is how I completed this.

I really cannot wait to get this all finished and paper piece the wall quilt. I am defining myself a little more every day and I guess what I am finding is that I am predominately a fiber artist.

How do you define yourself? Tell us - tell your story about how you came to this definition. We all want to know.

Have a great day.


laeroport said...

It looks almost exactly the same next to my chair in the family room! Only the table next to my chair is actually a plant stand with three shelves - so all three shelves look that way. Ah well. Better a creative mess than sterile and immaculate!

Vallen said...

Oh my gosh, I cart twice that much stuff fof my studio/bed so I can go to sleep at night

Sally said...

Yep, I;m always running out of space on my tiny little side table. I usually set up 2 tables and then use the floor for the 'overflow'.

Raesha D said...

I have decided that currently my whole life is a WIP mess:):) Hopefully this year I will get some of those wip's completed.