Thursday, February 01, 2007

Goodies were found

I had lunch with Mom and Tracey yesterday. Some serious discussion. Some fun. The two of them were playing - they shopped - they thrifted. Then we all ate lunch and stopped at one last thrift store on my way back to work.

It was fun.

I spent a total of 4.00 dollars on a book, two wire formed paper trays, a wire mesh something, and these patterns. I am working on some compostion book covers as a part of my CIP plan, and I wanted these for the graphics, to go on the covers. These books will go in the gift drawer for gifts at Christmas this year.

We are under a winter storm warning here. Sounds dramatic. Results in chaos at the home centers and grocery stores. The reality -- 1/4 inch of messy slush that turned to rain as quick as the sun came up. What are those people gonna do with 8 loaves of bread and 4 gallons of milk? Too funny.

I spent some time on the TWO TREES blog and flickr site this morning. Her work is absolutely incredible. I especially like the wooden rounds of tree branches with images and inspiring words. Take a few minutes if you have time and look at the images.

I have to say, my Mom is improving, and we are adapting to the new schedule. With those improvements, I feel creative again. I started packing last night for our Volleyball trip this weekend. It is more important to me to carry a project than a big suitcase of clothes. Am I the only one with this kind of "problem?"

Looks like it might be a slow day here, maybe I can squeeze in some more surfing and find even more inspiration.

Have a wonderful day.

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Vallen Queen said...

I love that I can sort of picture where you are when you talk about your adventures. Sounds like your mom is doing so much better. Does that mean you won't be needing a cook any longer?