Friday, February 23, 2007

Have you ever

Have you ever just responded? Heard that internal voice that says, yes, this is what you should do? Well I am finally listening. And in that listening I learned yesterday that yes I AM AN ARTIST.
The photo above is of a collage piece I completed Wednesday night. I have sporadically worked on it for the last several weeks. On Wednesday, I felt led to finish it, led by an unseen call in my innermost being. So, ignoring a migraine I finished it and put it into an inexpensive frame. I was going to let this be my first listed piece on etsy.
Normally, I have someone or something in mind when I am working on my art and craft. I didn't with this. I simply wanted to do something and if you know me well, you know there is symbolism in all of it.
Yesterday, I shared this with a friend, and that person said, "who is this for?" Choose carefully who gets it, it's special.
And then a new friend walked into my work, to make changes to her selections. She and I have developed one of those quick bonds, and we were talking. This still small voice inside, said she's the one, give it to her. So I did. Without any pomp or circumstance. Unwrapped. Impulsive. And she burst into tears. Overcome. I did not know what to do.
See - Mary is a sculptor - a REAL artist. She has had installations in high profile locations. She collects art from other recognized artists. What the hell was I gifting her with - a cheaply framed collage piece. I almost thought I had lost my mind. But she informed me that the difference in art and craft, is that art has a message to give someone. And that made all the difference in defining myself as an artist.
Mary is also a Christian. And she is struggling with some decisions and some difficulties in her life. In her prayers yesterday, she had asked for a love note from God. Just as a pointer, to affirm that she is on the right path. And I was allowed to be the one to deliver the note.
Now I understand the urgency I felt to complete the piece.
And last night I journaled these words.
My Message need not be loud
not flashly or proud.
Remember I came as a Babe
In a stinking stable My bed was made.
But through the quiet still of that night
The change for the world began
All because someone was willing
to do the work led by my Father's hand.
i am trying to send a message.
of positive thoughts and healing words.
just when i think i am losing ground.
i am given a gift myself.
the path i chose so many years ago.
to take each moment and each day
and celebrate it for the gift it is
is the path that i must now stay
for God's gifts are small and large
and he is leading my way.
Now I am not one of those "religious" people. I have my faith and am willing to share it. But I will not push my faith on anyone. But I saw God's hand in my work yesterday. And if I never see it again, I can recall that moment when I need the encouragement to continue on the path.
Next week I will share the sketch I made for my new collage as a direct result of this.
Beautiful people, you will have impact on someone today. You have the choice to make it a positive experience or a negative. Choose carefully.
Have a wonderful day.


MaryAnn said...

What a truly wonderful post! I'm so glad you had this moment in your life:)

Vallen Queen said...

This is a week of epiphanies!!!

Roxanne said...

Wow! I have goosebumps. That is so awesome. I have to tell you I really appreciate how you can share so freely on such a personal level. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roxanne! Thank you for sharing your AHHH moments! Beautiful picutre and a perfect start to Etsy!

karin (creativechaos) said...

It's absolutely beautiful! The person who recieved it is very lucky..... I think being a true artist isn't so much what we create with our hands but how we feel about ourselves within our soul....