Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The light at the end

At first I was going to delete this picture. The lighting is off. Or my over-sized self was in the way. Or something. Then I looked at it. Carefully.

For starters - the red is stunning. And the embossing on the cover teases me.

There is a fade to black appearance at the bottom.

I am in a good place today. I have cleaned my desk at work. Makes me feel more in control of things. I have moved all the notes written on random pieces of paper to one notepad. I have a plan for the remainder of the week and this feels good.

I spent last night working toward completion of one of those old things hanging over my head. This will be completed before the weekend is over.

Most of the house is clean. And while it is not all folded and put away, the laundry is caught up. (Thank you Molly and Presidents Day.)

I have a meeting tonite at the school. Then I can sit and relax in my red leather chair, and work on my sister's noah's ark piece. I will also be packing up some fabric bits for Gina over at LaBelleAve.

So what about this photo goes with this post???? Right now I feel like the light is slowly revealing itself into my world. And this picture seems to illustrate that thought exactly.

I so rarely let negatives creep into here. I find myself looking at other blogs and those beautiful homes and creative accomplishments and thinking - how do they do it? Is there something I missed in the time line that allows for time warps and getting more done? Do they have more options available. Money, maid service, better skills than I - what is it that allows for those accomplishments? Then there is today - and I feel like I can set a goal and finish it. Then I'll set the next one. And the next. When I can get here, I am no longer envious. I can see that those others have just put away the fabric, yarn bits, paper scraps, etc. They have worked and saved and carried those projects through to the completion. And they are no different than I am. They are real, inspiring, generous, hard working, creative, and lovely people. Just like I strive to be.

Maybe just one person in the whole blog world will have looked into MaggieGrace land and wondered if I have that storybook life. Yeah right??? There is a story here, but it ain't no fairy tale. However, it is a beautiful life and I appreciate every small grace that comes my way. And you my lovely readers, are an enormous part of that grace.

Have a wonderful day.


kristin (kleas) said...

this is such a sweet post. i have always appreciated your spiritual and REAL world you give to us here. no need for judgement or comparisons...you do a great job with everything. thank you.

i also love that photo, for all the reasons you gave :)

ellen kelley said...

Wow, and here I am again..I hope it lands somewhere for you to read. I'm responding to an old post...but the words you write are true for all times.
Best, e.