Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good Sugar

I hope you can enlarge this photograph.

I cried tears of joy when I found this in my inbox earlier today. This celebration comes courtesy of Will and Tammie Drummond, who I am pleased to say have so much more than I do to celebrate today.

Tammie is one of the sales reps who calls on me at my "real" job. More importantly she is my friend. She is also a member of a club that neither of us wanted to join. Tammie is a cancer survivor.

Will was tiny when she was diagnosed. When she shared the news with me,I was devastated. She is young, Will was a baby, and the outlook was terminal - GRIM. I cried tears of fear for her, her husband, and little Will. This was real. An in the trenches fight for her life. Now many months later, many dollars later, many treatments later, she shares a "good sugar" Valentine wish for all of us.

She was here last week and been told now that she is stable. She will be oxygen dependent but stable. She WILL see WILL grow up. He will get to know how hard she fought for herself, and for her family. He will see the beauty of this incredible woman. She will get to share her wisdom with him, her grace, her passion, her love, AND her presence.

Tammie my beautiful friend, Happy Love Day. You are so right, that picture is the pure and inspiring definition of "GOOD SUGAR".


Raesha D said...

What a fabulous picture and a fabulous story!!!

Roxanne said...

What a great story! Thank you for sharing it. My husband's uncle was just diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and the outlook is pretty grim. But there is still hope! And your friend proves it! Miracles still happen, so I will keep praying.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing great stories like taht! Thanks for sharing!

jen b said...

Good stuff. Thank you for the inspiring post.

Gina said...

WOW!! Words can't describe such an experience. Wonderful to hear Will will have her around.