Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some things should not be funny -- but

This tombstone never fails to make me smile. I know that is a little strange, hell I'm a little strange.
It reads
To the Memory of
Polly Carithers
consort of
William C Carrithers
May 24th, 1856
in the 58th year of her age
We hope she rests in Heaven.
It is in the Lystra Church cemetary near my house. The church is no longer there, it was burned by vandals years ago. But I walk the dirt road and sometimes cruise through the cemetary and read tombstones. (morbid - but me and the girls love to do this)
The very first time I saw this, I giggled and said "either he really loved her or his other wife hated her." I read "consort" as a mistress for some reason. The actual definition is - a trusted companion.
But then I read the bottom. Apparently there must have been some question about the meeting that would occur at the pearly gates of heaven.
I know - irreverent, morbid, strange, wierd. All those words and more describe me.
Now for a funny from last night. I had a meeting at the school. Abby had a soccer game and then hitting lessons. Molly had soccer practice and then a team dinner. So we were spread out all over the county. When Molly came home, her Dad's car was in the driveway, but no lights were on. This is very unusual, but he and Abby chose to ride with another team member and her Dad to hitting lessons. Molly called me and did not get me, called her Dad and he was in cell phone hell so no answer. She was a little unnerved. As quick as we each got our messages we called her back and she calmed down. When I got home later - she met me at the door.
None of that is all too funny, but what she said to me was. As I opened the door she exclaimed-------
"I thought the rapture had happened, and I missed it."
We both had a huge laughing roar and continued to laugh all night about it.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Roxanne said...

Ha! I got a good chuckle from that too! I have a grandmother who is a bit rapture obsessed, so this made me smile. The tombstone is hilarious. My husband and I argue about who is going to die first and what nasty stuff the other will put on their tombstone. Strange, I know!

Anonymous said...
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