Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sweets for Me - and Fabric for Thee

The fabric is for MaryAnn. She is becoming aquainted with her sewing machine and issued a challenge on her blog. Send her 1 yard of fabric. She is gonna make something. I though I would preview the fabric and see if her wheels start turning even before the package gets there. The photo really does not show the beautiful color of this as well as I would like. Indigo - almost purple and royal and white stripes. It's a thrifted piece too. 60" wide and I got 4 yards for two dollars. Cool huh!!!

The chocolates were on my desk this morning from an anonymous source. I like that the flower on the wrapper matched the fabric. They are Dove brand caramel filled chocolates. No grudges ever harbored against chocolate. Every wrapper contains an 'angel' message and the one I unwrapped is perfect for MaryAnn. It says MAKE SOMEONE SMILE and that she does for so many people.

It is Valentines Day. I am celebrating, not with flashy flowers and cards, but with a great appreciation for those who have enhanced my life.

Yes that means all of you readers. Especially those who have become kitchen door guests. The ones who come again and again. Who know the house may need sweeping, the beds made. Those friends who will offer to help and mean it, but would rather just visit and not worry about what else need to be done.

Tonite I will lift my glass (sweet tea of course) and toast all of my lovely cyber friends as well as those who love me in my real world too.

Happy Love Day Beautiful People.


Vallen said...

Sweets for the sweetness that is Teresa!!!!

MaryAnn said...

Gosh but how I love sneak peeks! I think there's something summery in that fabric, but I'll have to hold it first to find out!

lalheg said...

Sending post Valentine wishes right back at you