Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Dance

Warning - photo heavy post - family story follows. Quite possibly boring to everyone but family.
left to right Abby, Katie, Sarah

Garth Brooks' song comes to mind. I would not have missed this dance for anything. I LOVE being Mom. I love both of my girls so much. They are smart and beautiful and funny and joyful and I have learned so much from them. They teach me how to be their Mom every day. I have learned that even when you think there is room for no more, the love and joy in your heart multiplies. Then you see these thing spread across your 13 year old's bed. Those are heels - really cute heels - but heels none the less and that is a sure sign that she is growing up.

And then she puts it all on. The dress fits perfectly. The nails are beautiful. Hair. Make up. Jewelry. The grungy ball player becomes a stunning young lady. She has a social group. We went to Sarah's house to get dressed. They laughed and giggled. They did hair and makeup. Remember - those are your supporters. The ones you can call because your jeans don't fit right. Or because HE chose to golf instead of dinner with you. We are so fortunate. My baby girl is surrounded by those kinds of friends.

When I look at these smiling faces, I can see that the worries of the world are so far away for these girls. We have a mixture of kids in our life. Being from the south, there can often be conflict among the various racial groups. Not these kids. Every one of them looks past skin color and other physical features and finds the true person within. We are blessed with a huge group of friends. Left to right - Renee, Abby, Karlie. Karlie does get to boast of the best "tan" (LOL)and let me tell you this kid and her sister can sing. Renee is our resident entertainer and has a sense of humour that no one can compete with. Renee's Mom is one of my very best friends.

(note - jewelry by Molly)

At the end of the night. Tired feet. Abby went home with Renee. The all night chat begins with a discussion of the evening. They raid the fridge. They laugh. Giggle. Share. They strengthen this bond. Draped across the bed. They try each others shoes. Jewelry. Nothing compares to those kinds of conversations. Late into the night. Often having moments of singing into a hairbrush microphone. Dancing across the bedroom floor. Telling some of those same stories again and again. Girlfriends - doing what they do.

I miss draping across the foot of the bed, listening to the radio. Trying on the clothes in the closet. Leaving that pile around the bed. Shoes willy nilly everywhere. Finding out that that color lipstick is hideous on me. Reading the latest issue of a magazine. Talking about how skinny Linsay Lohan has gotten.

I am guilty of eavesdropping on these activities when the girls have friends over. And I often have that melancholy feeling of missing it. As adults we choose more structured conversations. Meet me at the coffee shop. Let's have lunch. Somehow, that open and fully casual environment of the teenage girls room becomes something else when you marry. I do not know what color some of my best friends bedrooms are. Where they keep their underwear. Does she fully make the bed or just pull the covers up. Those kinds of things. I miss it.

So come on my friends. Join me at my house. We will try on each others clothes. Make up. Jewelry. Let's paint toelnails using towels to protect the bedspread. Facials - I really want to use the pink masque. Let's listen to oldies on CD and sing along with a hairbrush microphone. Lets giggle way into the night. Drink adult beverages from the fridge. Eat chocolate and chips and other foods that have virtually no nutritional value.Have the children yell from down the hall, "it's time to go to sleep." Let's forget about the barriers of being adult and just enjoy the time together.

I think I know where the Waylon Jennings version of "whiter shade of pale" is in my record cabinet. I'll sing first. Shall I use the round brush or the big vented one? What do you want to sing next?

Have a wonderful day. -- Teresa


Vallen said...

Okay to the slumber party but no one better freeze my bra this time!!

Raesha D said...

OOHH I'm next - I HAVE to sing Like a Virgin with the round brush:):)

MaryAnn said...

And me, well I'll bring the shoes and Mary Kay!

OldBagNewTricks said...

I'll dial the phone but we need something better than Prince Henry in the Can.... uh, is Shane there... tee-hee... yeah Shane... I'm not talking to him you talk to him...

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"G" Mother said...

Beautiful Abby!! Love the outfit; looks great on the model. "G"mother