Monday, May 05, 2008

As promised

Prom pictures. (and a little Maggie Grace goodness). The soon to be graduate was beautiful. The day was stunning and this post will be very heavy on the pictures. She was so happy and I managed the night with no tears. (yay me)

Abby was my consultant on a new dress for graduation so we had a fun filled night as well.

Now pictures....

Sisters and Friends - I'll be enlarging this one as gifts for Mothers Day for the Grandmothers. We could have paid big money to a photographer and not had a better photo. BTW - she made her own earrings for this event.

These are out of order - but we are hammered at work - one of the guys is on vacation and I am squeezing this in between customers.

Molly and friend Brooke - they went as a threesome with Jacob - he'll show up later in this post. They were so pretty.

When Miss Molly was born - she had a ton of jet black hair. Every morning, and I do mean every morning, I made a bow for her hair that matched her outfit. She was not going to were anything in her hair because the dress was so ornate. Well she decided at 4 pm that the hair needed something - it was just to plain. We dug up a comb and broke out the beads and Mom (aka MaggieGrace) beaded a hair ornament. She reminded me it felt like she was little and I was making her bows. (tears tried to spring, but I was able to blink them away) I really am glad she remembers that.

I do believe - I'll be making a few of these to sell. It really was quite simple and effective. And matched the dress perfectly.

The back of this stunning dress. FYI - she is also taped into the bodice of the dress with adhesive costume mesh. Let's not discuss that I had a roll of the stuff in my stash.

The handsome young man - Jacob. He brought both of the ladies a corsage - he said you shoulf have seen him trying to explain that to the florist. The vest and bow tie were purple - this picture looks almost blue.

Hair and makeup close up - the background of this picture is of Miss Molly's art wall in her side of their bedroom.
Miss Molly's hair is straight, but we tried for curls. They did not hold for the entire time, but we did try.

Close up beside the southern style limo. Jacob borrowed his Dad's truck. There were threats of bodily harm if he even scratched it. Side effect - he is so afraid of those threats that none of the moms had to warn them to be careful.
Don't all southern girls need a sunroof shot in the pickup???? The rest of the story - Jacob is yelling "did you take those high heels off??????"

Shoe shot - This one is posted just for you JenB. (Brooke on the left - Molly on the right.)

A posed shot to test the costume tape. LOL.

The full front of the dress. She has on flats in this picture so no feet allowed in the shot.

They had a great time. at 12:30 am - she called looking for us to tell her where the closest all night gas station was. She called when she found the gas station. She called telling us which after prom party she was going to. (thank you Bugg family for hosting and cooking). She called when she got there. She called when she left to come home. She shows up at the house about 3am. THEN - Mom was finally able to really rest.

Enjoy the pictures. Have a great Monday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures..."Sisters" just lovely! The close-up hair & make-up is BEAUTIFUL and so is the posed shot.Love the dress & color. the color is same as her birthstone.Our lovely, precious, sweet grands. Love to all, H & A.

Vallen said...

That green was definitely this year's color - lots of girls here wore it also.
Lovely photos!

Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

very nice.. an evening she will remember for a long, long time..

Elizabeth Prata said...

You have lovely daughters! What pretty dresses the prom gals wore. I'm glad they had a good time, and I'm glad they got home safe and sound. Loved the limo.

Mrs. G. said...

She looks so lovely.

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh My Goodness! She's beautiful and that dress is something else! You must be so proud of her!!


I love the comb you made for her hair. It was perfect.

Carrie said...

Wow! She and the dress are stunning! You so need to get her into contacts! It sounds like she had a lot of fun. What great memories for her. The comb is beautiful, I wish you'd got a shot with it in her hair. I'd love to see that.

Sherry said...

Your girls are beautiful! I have blonde and brunette daughters too, except mine are age reversed from yours. I love Molly's art wall!!

I AM VERY MARY said...

I have to admit that I simutaneously dread and look forward to this time in Miss C's life!