Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

She's back -- MaggieGrace that is. Not really sure how this became the graduation family chronicals. Really I am fully aware. This blog is about me and the interactions with those around me. That includes those lovelies that are my children.

The graduate got her first paycheck last night - we laughed and laughed about her reaction to the taxes. Too funny. Today's order of business for her - a checking account.

I know I promised a picture of the dorm room blanket - did not happen. But I do have goodies to share.

A stamped tag with tulle and a crochet flower. I owe the winner of the leg warmer challenge a package of tags. I have not forgotten - I promise. This was a quickie project for a baby shower gift last night. I used a partial image from a large rubber stamp and simply tied it on. The flower is from the motif book I bought recently.

More of the little flowers. Made from thrifted bedspread cotton. I'll be making tags with these - and including them in a certain mailer I need to complete. Some will also make appearances on 5"x5" art quilts.

Loving the macro setting on my camera. These little 2 round flowers are about the size of the first joint on my fingers. Perfect little accent medallions. It takes only a few minutes to make one so there will be an abundance finished on Saturday at the softball princess' tournament.

I love my little project boxes - here is a picture of the WIP of the flowers. All different colors are planned. I have plenty more of the thread spools to use as well. The perfect portable project - and not too hot to carry with me.

Tonight there is no church - Maggie Grace will be painting in the studio. There's a shelf and some walls. We just keep plugging away on it.

Have a wonder filled Wednesday.


see you there! said...

Just in time... I've been needing some tag inspiration for a swap I'm in. Buttons and charms are fine but... been there done that.



ellen said...

Aww..welcome to the world. Such rude awakenings!
I loved seeing the graduation pictures. Such a beautiful young woman...sister too. You'll remember this forever. It is easy to see such specialness and goodness in both of your daughters even through the "filter" of cyberspace.
Have a great week.
Great tags!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful little stars!
Sandra Evertson

Fete et Fleur said...

I love that tag! It's wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

Pretty little flowers and love the different colorful threads for making the flowers. Ann