Friday, May 16, 2008

bit of a studio update and thrifty finds.

Good morning all. Yes I said good morning. The first one I have had all week. Turns out the horrible symptoms are an indication that I have a mild sensitivity to the morphine. That is the pc correct way of saying I"M ALLERGIC. I KNOW I am allergic to codeine and there is a bright red flashing notice on the screen at the hospital - a bright red sticker on the charts - and I told the nurse. Codeine and morphine are sister drugs - containing many of the same things - so just for safety's sake I need to add a morphine allergy to the dang list. (you would think somebody in the medical system would have thought about this) Last night I took a benadryl before bed and today the brain fog seems to be lifting. Still weak - no food all week has that effect.

My favorite line in the first National Treasure movie is when the young cohort says "look ----- stairs" well my version is "look - a closet". A MaggieGrace gonna be a fabric closet - and is one design feature that happened to turn out exactly like I imagined. When we remodeled the house - I made the man keep the doors. There will be no paint on this - Love it just like this. A deep russet red from the varnish oxidizing over time. A Happy Happy girl. The blue styrofoam is covering the ac/heat - hole in the wall. The great big frame is being painted pale blue with red and will become a wire board much like this one.

Now about the thrifty finds - this is a favorite - a 4 drawer chest/work surface. 30.00 dollars at a yard sale. It is a bit too tall but taking the legs off will make it perfect. The price was perfect too. I bought it for me for mother's day.

This is the box of stuff that I scarfed up at the store clearance sale - 5.00. If you look closely, you will see the reason - I jumped on this. The graphics are wonderful - they will be used and copied and shared. But the REAL reason --- is that these were buried in the bottom of this box.
Unopened vogart patterns - three of them. Another happy dance. Bees are coming on some items. Had to have it.

Just wanted to share. Abby has a ballgame - I'm staying home - playing hooky from Mom duties - I need to. Today is Miss Molly's last offcial day of school. Awards - last night. Lots of laughter - a few tears.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend.


see you there! said...

Those Vogart patterns would have made my day.

Hope you keep feeling better now that maybe you have the allergy thing figured out.


Vallen said...

It's beginning to look a lot like paradise in the craftspace. Good going on the bargain box!!!

ellen said...

Take care of yourself! Hope you continue to feel better with each minute.

Roxanne said...

So glad you are feeling better! Hope you enjoy the weekend.

Darlene said...

now THAT is a FABulous find...uh, I mean, steal!!!

love to you,
xoxo d

Anonymous said...

Good to know you are feeling better. WHEN IS GRADUATION?? H & A