Monday, May 12, 2008

Still not sure if I like this. But it is improving. And I do like the effect I have come up with on the leaves. Look carefully and you will see the curls.

This is a tedious and time consuming process. After I glue the leaves, I then come back and curl them using two needles. I then prop them with a straight pin to dry.

The whole effect is of a 3d pile of fallen leaves.

One of the branches was just screaming for a critter. Something to hide the fact that there was a break in the leaf veins and the paper backing was showing.

Here is my critter. That is my index fingernail - for size comparison. A tiny owl.

What do you guys think???

I have a kidney stone- off to the emergency room.

Have a better day than I am.


Roxanne said...

It looking lovely! The owl is too cute. Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Carrie said...

Oh ouch! Kidney stones suck. I like th the box so far and the little hooty owl.

Jean said...

Sorry about your kidney stones! I can't wait to see the finished project. Love the owl!

Elizabeth Prata said...

so sorry about your kidney stones!!!!

kristin said...

kidney stones?...yipes!! hope all goes well.

your owl is about the sweetest thing i've ever seen!

Fete et Fleur said...

It's hard to commnet when I know your off to the emergency room! Please as soon as you're able let us know how you are. I love the way this is turning out. I think your on the right track!

Blessings! Nancy

Loving Her Beautiful said...

I'm so sorry to hear! I hope everything goes perfectly well. You'll be in our prayers!