Friday, May 02, 2008


Happy Friday. Tonight is Relay For Life. Mostly cloudy - chance of rain. I have scattered job duties all through out the night. In between times I'll be working on the dorm room blanket and trying to squeeze naps in. Tomorrow night is prom. We have nails tonight. Hair and makeup at 1pm tomorrow then photos - then the crash and burn.

Mom called and a store that had closed in my hometown is selling inventory. This place is one of those that never threw anything out. Some of the stuff could be from the 50's. Hoping we will score a few things.

I am slowly creating the trays for the next art quilts. These will be mixed media and will include some "string" sized crochet flowers. I purchased this book last night at Barnes and Noble and I think it will be like my Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. One of those books that I go to over and over again. Flowers, pictures, medallions, squares, doilies. A great reference book. I bought it for the flower patterns, but it will be refered to for so much more.

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I made this mosaic as I was researching some ideas for this project. Click on the words "PROJECT RESEARCH" below the picture and it will take you to FLICKR for all of the links. I make mosaics from my favorites often - a kind of electronic media inspiration board. As I searched through FLICKR I found many favorites created by one person. BlueButterflyArt creates one of a kind garments and accessories - vintage and goth - soft and feminine - victorian - bohemian - all of these words are accurate descriptions for her work. I favorited several and they are shown on the mosaic above.

I have the titles for the artworks - I'll be submitting them for a local Gallery's October special event - HAUNTINGS.

The first 4 will be 5" x 5" mixed media art quilts and will all feature the same photograph manipulated to fit the titles which are
1. Haunted Memories (sepia)
2. Face of an Angel (b&w)
3. Sad and Lonely (b&w)
4. Searching for Peace (softened color)

A fifth piece (the idea is my favorite) also an Mixed Media Art Quilt (size to be determined) and will feature my favorite tombstone I have ever photographed. The title of this one --- Who Found Favor. (b&w)

The 6th piece - will feature a tombstone as well. -- Title - Too Late for Flowers. (b&w or sepia)

Then there is a dreamy piece - God I hope this one works like I want it to. Off Duty Angel. The first 6 will be completed before I even start this one.

How many of you name your pieces first? Do you see them in your brain as completed pieces? Do you sketch them completely or just the rough ideas? How do you track the ideas?

For me the ideas and rough sketches come first. I hardly ever go back and detail my sketch. (mostly because I cannot draw) I can then see them as completed pieces. (I can also stand the walls up looking at a blueprint of a house) Once the complete piece forms itself into my brain I can name it. I keep track of these by sketching into a sketch book, but once I have committed to myself to make something - I start an inspiration tray and collecting the materials. The project may morph a bit as technical details present themselves. I also like working with constraints - some of my favorites are - a theme (like hauntings) - a list of materials - a color - a required item or process (like use what you have or recycled material) - a word - etc. The girls over at eightbyeight are sending each other bits for the collaboration project and I think that kind of project would be incredibly challenging and fun to work on.

I really am interested in how you guys work. It like looking at your studios - there is just an unbridled curiosity about it. Please share with us.

Have a great weekend.


Carrie said...

I start with a finished pictue, then most of the time I use what I have on hand to get as close to the image as I can. How close to the original image I get depends on what draws me to it. Sometimes it's color, sometimes it's shape other times its the feeling the piece gives me.

I AM VERY MARY said...

Happy Relaying! Ours is the 16-17, so I'm looking forward to it!

Darlene said...

very cool book
adding it to my BIG list
my studio is under construction(meaning it is a mess) ;)


xoxo darlene