Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrifty finds

Before the oh so dramatic. (dammit it hurts) and I feel like crap. (I now know why drugs addicts will do anything to stay high) Before the I am going to be sick ( and the feeling that my toenails were being sucked in through my guts) before all that -

two things happened

one - I told local best friend that my body was telling me it needed significant rest - that's what I get for ignoring that fact - three days of drugs and sitting on my rather larger backside.

two - I spent a wonderful Saturday morning with my mom - just goofing off. We swung by a going out of business sale in my hometown - an era is ending there. I bought two dresses (i'll share later) some ephemera - way cool - and these --------------

Curtains - fell head over freakin heels for this fabric. Had to have it. And I know exactly what it going to happen to it. As a matter of fact would have already happened if the dang kidney stone had not made it's magical appearance. Polished cotton - flowers - ruffles. This will soon become a skirt for moi.

I have several drawstring waist skirts - you know - those from Old Navy and Gap. Long, full, easy to wear skirts. And how easy are they to make - effortless - especially when you start with the ruffle already done.

Look below at the closeup of the fabric.

Isn't this embossed texture fun. Hopefully I'll be wearing this soon.

Oh there was more goodness - and the last piece of the MaggieGrace world puzzle was found too. More on that later.

About the drugs. I was given major doses of morphine in the hospital. I will try to avoid this in the future. Then they sent me home with Lortab and phynerghan (spelling?). This cocktail did an amazing job of keeping me happy, but the process of getting rid of this from your body is hell. I feel like my brain is swollen in my head - worse than any migraine I ever had. Night sweats worse than I had after the children were born. Nausea - morning sickness is no comparison. All of this is enhanced by the fact that I hardly ever take meds at all. Even after my surgery last fall the strongest I took was a percocet and they forced that into me. above everything - is the dizzyness - and slow motion feeling - like when you are really drunk and you turn your head and it takes just a few seconds for your eyes to catch up. I do have to say - the techinicolor dreams are kind of fun. Sure do wish I could capture the orangy pink from the seats in the dreams last night.

have a great day - mine is much better.


Anonymous said...

Teresa, sorry to know about your kidney stones.....GET WELL SOON. Not a happy Mother's Day for you? Do visit us soon. Love, H & A.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, sorry to know about your kidney stones.....GET WELL SOON. Not a happy Mother's Day for you? Do visit us soon. Love, H & A.

Carrie said...

Huggs! I'm glad you are on the down side of the kidney stones...just remember the ickey's are only going to get better from now on, not worse.

That fabric will make such a great skirt, it is so drool worthy!

Laura said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! Lortab always makes me barf - its bad stuff.