Tuesday, May 20, 2008

digging .....

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I have spent the entire morning. looking at design and color trend ideas all over the internet. At my real job, it is time to redo some things and just freshen up with paints and "fluff".

I am leaning into adding some pantone blue iris accents into the store. And there is a lot of wall space that needs accenting with some artworks. It is all a very neutral brown and gold right now, but that has to change. So I am creating inspiration boards for a meeting with the boss. It would seem this is an easy part of the job and sometimes it is, but trying to sell these ideas to "a man" who really could not care less about it makes it all the more difficult. I also know what I like and often my style is more eclectic than staying on current "trends".

There are areas of the store that even I don't venture into unless I must. There is also a wall that blocks the view from the front of the store that I would like to partially take down.

This is taking all my brain power today. I actually have put this off for way too long. Now it feels like I am rushing to accomplish this. Any design, home furnishing, fashion, trend sites you can give me for inspiration????


So there you have it- a glimpse into the grown up girl job that I go to every day.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

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