Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wooden Boxes

So this is not a picture of a wooden box. It is a cropped version of yesterday's picture. I did not notice the heart in the picture until later. A happy accident maybe - I like to think it is a hug from the universe. But I wanted to share my hug with you. I used picnik to edit this - free online photo editing - like that word - FREE.

As the studio progresses, I am slowly gathering the storage solutions from all the places I stuffed them. I also have a friend who saves these wonderful cigar boxes for me. I have come to the conclusion - that I have a problem here too.

Not only do I collect stuff - I collect things designed to hold stuff. I adore wooden boxes - of all shapes and sizes. I do pay a tiny bit for these that Nancy saves for me. I also have glass jars - pill bottles - lab bottles - wooden cigar boxes - baskets - cabinets - shelves - print trays (thanks to MaryAnn) - even diaper wipe containers and baby food plastic bins - all manners of stuff.

Like JenB - I have a tendency to buy some things just because I like the damn container they come in. I also keep cardboard boxes because they will make great shipping containers.

Now all of this stuff gets used, but I am currently on a self imposed freeze of buying (or otherwise aquiring) storage containers. At least until I have all the stuff moved to the barn. I can see my space becoming more and more eclectic as I start stuffing is to the gills with things.

I really want my space to feel like a beach cottage version of SallyJean's space. Or maybe Wendy Addison's Theatre of Dreams. Right now it seems I am well on my way to realizing that feel.

It does feel great to work out there. As I get closer and closer to finishing, I am spending more and more time there. Don't worry - there will be pictures at the end of the project. My birthday party is going to happen there. And I'll make sure there is a more comfy chair for when all of my friends visit. (she spent the evening perched on a stool watching me paint)

Have a wonderful day.


see you there! said...

Thanks for passing along that Hug from the Universe. I can always use a hug.

Your studio space appears to be coming together nicely. There is something about old containers isn't there? I know, the new plastic see through bins can be handy but they don't have the spirit that the old stuff holds for me.


Musing of a Patched Heart said...

Hey Ms. Maggie Grace! I can totally relate to organizing the containers to organize. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will visit me again! Warm regards,Heather

I AM VERY MARY said...

Oh please, I am head over heels for containers! you are not alone.