Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I have always been drawn to handwork items. Yard sales find me digging through the old linens looking for embroidery and crochet pieces. Now that I am creating many of these kinds of items myself, the appreciation for them grows even more.

My Nanny made potholders. Heavy duty, thick, quilted potholders. Thousands of them are around north Georgia. I have many of them and use them all the time. They are nasty, burnt in places, tattered and worn. All of us grandkids got some when we set up house keeping and we all use them all the time. A connection to our past. Those potholders, while handcrafted, are for use and not for show.

These, however, are for show.

I have no idea where they came from. Double layers of crochet, with these contrasting accents. I actually have the pattern for these somewhere, but have never made any.

Bright and cheery, I have used them only a time or two . Never where they might get burnt. I have used them for coasters when I serve iced beverages (maragaritas) in my glass pitcher.

I would love to have more of these to hang in the kitchen. Right now I just have the two.

And they hang on a cabinet in the kitchen. This will be one of my next projects painting the kitchen and redoing the floor. The entire house needs cosmetic work, and once MaggieGrace world is finished - that will all have to start.

Every one I know takes some sort of prescription meds. This is my favorite drawer in the studio. This was fun to make too - a huge mess. Drilling holes in styrofoam. Works great for beads. I have several more pill bottles to add - before I get this full.

A different angle. I covered the foam with some tissue paper that I like.

Last night found me finishing the paint on the big frame. Church tonight - then I'll staple my wire mesh into place and get that frame hung. Getting closer.

Have a wonderful day all.


see you there! said...

I have a little pink and white pot holder almost identical to your yellow and white one. I think they are adorable hanging on the wall like that.


Elizabeth Prata said...

I love the pill bottle in foam idea!!!!! Thanks for sharing that. Ingenious, simple, and the answer to many, many storage and organization problems.

Felicia said...

Thats a great bead storage solution. Love the flowery margarita coasters ;)