Friday, May 30, 2008


Deep down I am a very girlie girl. And I love me some bling. Not like diamonds and pearls. I want the kinds of bling you can play with. Create with. Add glitz and glimmer to other peoples goodies with. All of you crafty gals out there know the kind I am referring to. Sequins, rhinestones, beads and the epitome of the sparkly stuff ------


The studio is getting closer and closer to being ready. I am unpacking boxes and bags that I have stuffed everywhere in my house. That is a party all on its own. Complete with multiple exclamations of "damn, I forgot I had that." (No laughter allowed, every one of you has uttered those words)

Another of my favorite sayings is slowly being eliminated - that one -- "dammit I know I had _____, but where did I put it."

I had no idea, that I collect glitter. But if you look at these pictures, it is quite apparent that I do.

Note - this does not included the spray glitter and glitter glue collections. Cheap glitter - got plenty. Slightly more expensive - yet way cool glitter - covered. Martha Stewart glitter (have to admit the lady does everything well) - got that too. Vintage glass glitter - yup.

I did not go back and find the post covering this cabinet, but I bought it at a yard sale for next to nothing. Look at the end result. Cleaned, polished, and full of glitter.

Pretty - yes. Practical - that too. Making the MaggieGrace Studio owner happy - definitely. Wonder how many more bottles I'll find????

Have a great weekend.


Vallen said...

Glitter? Me? Us? But if memoray serves me, I did hear about glitter spray from you!!!! I don;t think there is close to enough glittery things in this world.

see you there! said...

Organized glitter. What a concept. Who knew?


Anonymous said...

your right!
who doesnt LOVE glitter
what a fab collection!
I hope you unearth even more!!
enjoy the rest of your weekend

Nathalie Thompson said...

LOVE your glitter cabinet! Haha! I know I collect glitter and am afraid to unearth it all... I might have to stop buying it, if I saw how much I had!

Carrie said...

It just tickles me pink to see you use the elegant curio cabinet to store your glitter collection.