Friday, May 23, 2008


Special thanks to Ellen for the sweet sweet note on yesterday's post. I no longer question the way this thing works. See - we would never have "met" without this blog and yet I consider Ellen a very special friend. That is the joy that is blogging. Yes - there is censoring in the writings - eliminating the coughs, farts, and sneezes from life - but the essence of me is here and the circle of friends that recognize this amazes me. Thank you agin Ellen for your kind words and friendship.

Just so you can see that MaggieGrace has been working. A WIP shot of the dorm room blanket. I have about 6 more color bands of varying width and it will be finished. She likes it. An easy, mindless pattern that has traveled well.

Now for the name of this post. Nerd, geek, gear - to wear with the traditional cap and gown. We have laughed at Miss Molly referring to this hanger full of accessories this way. There are medals and pins, stoles and cords - all meaning something academically. She laughs at the variety and we all laugh at her. She worked hard for everyone of these and will wear them with pride.

I have the hankies ready - tonight's the night. Hard to believe this little one - black hair and black eyes is graduating from high school. She was a little less than 10 weeks old in this picture and had already had a haircut. We brought her home from the hospital with a barrette in her hair. Not those little velcro ones either - a real clasp barrette.

She turned out rite purdy (don't you love to see redneck written out) didn't she. The picture from the article in yesterdays local paper. Molly is on the right. I am so very proud of her. Just for the record - she looks like her Grandmother (love you Ann)
Now a serendipity post. I do not iron clothes on a regular basis. I toss things in the dryer with a damp towel and they are just fine. The monsters know I'll be at the dryer every morning. Look what I found this morning. Stuck on the front corner of the dryer - right next to the pile of unmatched socks -- a scotch tape love note.

Guess what girls - I love you too.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for our sweet pretty Molly. Sure, she worked hard for all these honors and we are very proud of all her accomplishments. Love, H & A.

Vallen said...

Precious girls - just like their mom.

ellen said...

You need to save that sweet dryer note! I hope to see some grad. pictures next week. Wishing you JOY. What a proud day for your whole family and close friends.
(p.s. thank you for the kind words)
Love to you..e.

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations to Molly.You must be a proud MAMA. I love the note!

xx Nancy

Carrie said...

Awww, so sweet. I bet you teared up.