Thursday, May 22, 2008

babble --

In a very emotional place today - I have been looking through things of Molly's. Old schoolwork. Pictures. Yearbooks. Notes and cards. Looking for things to decorate the area around the table with.

Tomorrow is graduation - and the next phase of our life begins.

MaggieGrace has been busy though. I just have no pictures of anything to share - the Moo is getting a digital camera for graduation - maybe she will quit stealing the camera. The studio progresses. There is a dorm room afghan almost complete. The tree artwork is almost complete. Some CIP mailers in progress. Tags and cards. And a special gift for the pastor and his wife is being worked on.

Busy busy busy ---

The picture has not one thing to do with the post. Just a still life beside my bed. A reminder that even when things seems empty - there is still so much beauty to be admired.

Local best friend said yesterday that it is a parent's job to teach the kite to fly. My response was - it is such a pretty kite and I won't be able to watch her fly if I let go of the string. Others are going to try to grab that string and have her fly their way. I am caught in the middle of hanging on and letting go. Just praying that she has the tools to succeed at being her own person and trusting the winds of change to take her in the direction she needs to go.

My mom just called. Tears were already close to the surface. Mom and I have had stormy years. For oh so many - I just wanted her approval and validation. She called this morning about graduation and in the conversation she said "you have done a wonderful job raising her, raising both of them. Don't ever question your ability as a mom. " Now those tears are freely falling - while several of my favorite customers chuckle about me being emotional. Oh well.

Have a wonderful day -

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ellen said...

Your mother is correct. You have done a magnificent job raising Both of your daughters. How do I know when I really don't know you?
I know because I read your words, I visit every day, I look at your pictures, I hope that I listen to the parts of your heart that you share here. There is no doubt in my mind that you have raised, are raising two beautiful young women who will only add to this world. They will take nothing from it in anger, they will treat others with kindness and respect, and...they have been taught to do the same things to themselves. They both in time, will physically leave, but they will take with them the strength and grace that you have so well taught and given to them.
There is no doubt that it is hard to let go. It's a scary world out there. I have to admit that I did not have daughters, but have two sons. Perhaps that makes it different? I do know that I felt a lot of the same things.
I'll leave you with this..(sorry to be so long winded). ..I truly believe that the greatest joy as a parent of either daughters or sons, is to watch them being successful as loving, caring, and yes, funny people. You have laid that foundation! You have done a wonderful job! Don't doubt it.