Thursday, May 08, 2008

Happy Days are here again

MaggieGrace has been missing in action. She wasn't really lost. She simply took the turn that was labeled Mommy for a little while. But last night she magically reappeared, there was a vacant look in her eyes. Like a small bit of the fire has burned out. The embers were still there and with just a tiny bit of inspiration it was easy to fan the flames of creative fires again. The crinkle of pattern tissue, the sound of the scissors cutting fabric (vibrating against the wood of the dining room table - this is a sound from my childhood) the texture of the felt, hell even the heft of the felt. All of those fanned the flames very rapidly.

Remember these????????

Poodle skirts - I made a ton of them several years ago for an event at our church. Well a local theater group needed some more for a production. I got home last night after 9:00 and sewed like hell until 1:15 this morning. (I made three of the dang things.)

Red with a black and white poodle - blue with a black and white poodle - and purple with a hot pink poodle. These are full circle skirts. Since they don't have real owners yet, all are drawstring waists. The most time consuming part was the white piping trim. sewn on 1/2 inch in from the bottom edge. With this full circle design - there must have been miles of this. I did finally figure out a system for this. Of course I didn't figure it out until the last one.
Mentally I needed that creative time - plus this is a paid job - straight into the college fun money account. That is the agreement - all of the maggiegrace profits will be the extra money for the college bound lady in our house.
Am I tired today? - not really - I think the fact that it was creative was what my mind and body needed.
See ya'll tomorrow.


Carrie said...

Call me a glutton for punishment, but I always liked making circle skirts. Hemming them is a pain if you don't have a rolled hem foot, but I loved to make them.

Fete et Fleur said...

These are just beautiful! I have always wanted to be able to sew like this. I'm just not very good with needle and thread. You have me swooning here with these lovelies!

I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment on the portrait. It really was a big step for me to post about it. I'm finally letting go of the old tapes of years ago and letting myself just be me.

Hugs! Nancy

Mrs. G. said...

I wore one of these to the opening night of the movie GREASE-it twirled nicely.

see you there! said...

Even though I lived through *poodle skirt times* I never wore one. I had lots of circle skirts tho and can't remember how many crinoline slips to go under them.

Glad you got some creative time in.