Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A fun little project.

I accomplish some heavy duty cleaning in MaggieGrace World last night. Preparing for a night of painting tonight. The dripping southern humidity has decreased and it was very pleasant to be out there.

I started sorting some more things and labelling boxes and bins. I have one of those locker baskets that I am dropping cards and notes into. I'll sit down one night soon and die cut tag shapes out of those cards. I have a serious problem about keeping that kind of stuff. I will also more than likely make some of these globes from Heather's place.

I also piled the items in these pictures onto a tray and started moving them around for a quickie project for CIP ---

Okay - yes - behind - this is February's banner project and one of the items shown here will the main item for February - I do hope to have the mailer for Feb - July ready next week. Look for fun packages - CIP ladies.

I dug through my stash and found all these really fun - bright red - accents to go on the white felt - I cannot wait to see this project finished and hanging in the studio. I have a wonderful paper garland from Vallen that I'll be hanging as well.

Tonight will find me painting - again - and planning the decor for a baby boy shower at the church. I'm thinking blues and browns. Juggling - and getting lots of projects in the air - seems to be they way I live doesn't it???

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Don't forget the photo caption goodie from yesterday's post.

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