Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A really long weekend

It was a really long weekend. There was food, rest and work. Lots of accomplishments. Lots of fun - we even squeezed in some shopping yesterday. Friday night - not too much going on. Up early Saturday morning. Breakfast, coffee on the sofa, work in the barn - the only bad thing about the stage we are at - it is all stuff you cannot see real progress on. Cut grass - de-dandelion the driveway - weed eat. Play with the baby kitties.

Sunday - church - nap - ball. Monday - sew - crochet - craft - work on the barn some more - shop. I have rested. I ate too much that was really not good for me. But it was a good weekend.

Several postings ago I mentioned a shot glass shelf I bought at the thrift store for 1.50. I had not touched it since, but decided to work on it Saturday. I brought it to the kitchen porch and deconstructed several shelves in order to make it work size wise for my stamps. It is a big shelf and it going to work beautifully for what I plan. I brushed it off and got it ready for paint.

Here it is after I took the shelves out. (Yes the truck is filthy.) I plan to put my stamps, inks, embossing powders, and glitter on this . It will hang on the back wall of the studio over a little bench that I have for gift wrap. I'll see how all this really goes together soon I hope, but that is where it is in my mind right now.

Then I recruited Miss Abby to help me paint it black. Just plain old acrylic craft paint. (Note - spray paint may have been a better choice especially for those tight shelves, but I am using what I have so I used the black from my stash) We left it in the sun to dry - that is a beautiful plus to acrylic - it dries fast and by then Miss Molly had joined us. I mixed white glue and water for the next step and left the girls to it while I handed things up the ladder to Dad in the barn. They cut an old postage stamp price guide up and covered the back of the shelf with those layered pages. Just how much fun is this.

A close up view of the shelf. Leaned against the piano and holding just a few items to see if I had made good size decisions. I am loving this. Right now all of my stamps and stuff are in boxes that I have to dig through. This is perfect for the purpose. I used what I had but even so - let's total this project up.

Old Book - Thrifted $1.00
Shelf - Thrifted $1.50
Black Paint - from stash but $1.39 originally
Glue-dollar store - $1.00
Child labor - free

TOTAL FOR A WORKABLE STAMP AND STUFF STORAGE SHELF $4.89 us dollars. I am good with it.

I also got this wonderful surprise on Saturday - from Miss Jenny. It is my mounted ATC from Vallen's swap. Too cool. I sent her the quiltlet and she sent this. It is hanging on my china cabinet door and I absolutely love it. I won't be moving this to the studio - it will more than likely hang right here for a while. Thank you so much Jenny. I adore the black offset with the touches of color. WONDERFUL.

It was very productive on the sewing and crocheting front as well. I am almost finished with the fabric challenge for MaryAnn. I finished 2 washcloths for Raesha. And Molly has asked me to make her a crocheted beanie hat. So at 11:00 last night we downloaded a free pattern and I started a hat from some scrap yarn just to work out size and gauge. Once we get that right - I will be making her a hat and I will frog this one. A little strange for a summer project - but alas.


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Have a wonderful day.


Felicia said...

Love your new storage shelf! You did a superb makeover job. :)

Vallen said...

The stamp shelf is genuis!!!!

Roxanne said...

Love the shelf!! Nice work - I LOVE those kind of projects. CIP time already! Wow, where do the months go?

OldBagNewTricks said...

I am so glad it arrived safe and sound -- that Curtsey Cutie is my Grandma, c1920. The shot glass shelf for your stamps is brilliant!!! and you've done a really slick job refinishing it. Veddy Nice.


lindiepindie said...

That shelf has such a great story behind it - and it looks great! I love it that child labor was free. I certainly looks like a perfect stamp shelf. At least this way you can see them all when you need one. Mine are all in a box which means I don't use them very often.

Raesha D said...

Oh my gosh...I love the shelf - it is absolutely beautiful!! I have moved my CIP project for May from the bottom of my pile to the top of my pile and I hope to get it finished this week:):) AND YYYEEAAHH washcloths:):):)

Contessa Kris said...

I love love love this shelf! It looks fabulous! Kudos to letting the kids help with it too. Looks like you're having lots of fun around there. Thanks for visiting my blog! Where's your list of stuff to use? I already used something on mine! hehe