Friday, June 29, 2007

I NEED one of these

Some sort of fairy - one with a magic wand - that she can wave and either adjust my life or my attitude. I am not sure which would be more difficult.

Other people are on my nerves in a huge way.

1. Pay your bills first. Before a new car - remodeling your house - buying a new ring for your honey. Going hunting, fishing, boating, whatever. You are a business person - you owe me less than 500.00 - You have owed me this money for more than 4 months and in that time I know you have done all of the above. (this conversation today between me, my boss and a customer)

2. I have not been home this week

monday left at 7:30 am - home at 10pm

tuesday ditto

wednesday ditto

thursday ditto leaving time - home at 11:30pm

tonite ditto

Said other person in house with income - "there's nothing to eat for breakfast - you need to go to the grocery store" Said I - "didn't you go by the grocery store on your way to eat out for dinner? Did you even think about stopping?"

3. While I am church tonite - enjoy drinking and dancing. Don't drink too much - we must get up early for the ball tourney tomorrow. You will more than likely play hooky from church on Sunday, but I have the nursery.

4. Where were you when I was scrubbing the walls and floor of the consession stand AFTER I cleaned up at church last night? Oh yeah - sitting on the sofa with clicker in hand.

5. There are still no groceries in the house.

6. Directions from one teen to another that go like this - turn right out of the chiropractors office and drive until you see the varsity (better call mom when this doesn't happen in 30+ miles.) Response from Dad upon being told this story. Yeah - okay. (he didn't even catch that she should have turned left and he drives in this town every day - hence the need to call Mom)

7. Said I to person in charge " You have to be aware of what ALL the children are doing - you started with 15 still in the parking lot AND they left their trash scattered all over the area." Said person in charge "You probably should say something to them." Said I "you are paid to do this - not me." And still I address this with those youth.

8. Said I " absolutely not. small children cannot sit in the chairs to eat. that is a disaster waiting to happen. leave the tables up for dinner and then we will set up for the assembly. won't take but a few minutes. " 45 minutes later person in charge is still trying to decide what to do. Said I " what is the problem - I thought this decison was made."

9. why do people - when proven wrong ALWAYS respond like this "yeah you're right" instead of "I was wrong". Is there some arrogance in you that still makes all this MY issue. (another conversation with a customer who has screwed up an installation and argued that I don't have a clue what I am talking about)

This can go on and on - tired, cranky, pms (obviously) headache to come. Said other person with income at my house "what IS your problem?" Said I "damn, I ain't made a single person happy in days but nobody has tried to make me happy either"

Tomorrow is going to be hot - humid - real chance for thunderstorms. I am going to find my spot, set up my chair, drink lots of water. finish a crown. embroider for a while. cheer for a child. and dare anyone to piss me off. Don't pretend I didn't warn you.

Have a great weekend.

edit - 2:20 pm - if you have read this far, then by all means take a very pleasant side trip. Miss SHULA has something to say today that is much easier reading. Follow this path.


Vallen said...

The first round is on me.

Laura said...

Oh Teresa... how is it that we are not blood related? I'm pretty sure we have the same genes. :)

Come to ATL and I will buy you the greatest margarita I have ever tasted. And some fried chicken tacos. There's nothing better.

shula said...

and I'll buy the second.

mushroommeadows said...

grocery shopping sometimes falls down my list of things to do as well...argh. :)

ellen said...

You could also use a very HUGE HUG! In fact, many of them..sending some your way. Take care.