Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Magic

This was one of my favorite swap projects I have ever made. This is off to my swap partner and I do hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it. A magic yarn ball.

It's full of goodies. Charms, buttons, ribbon, trims, embellishments, beads, a heart that she can finish. The bow around the ball is vintage trim, I bought a big spool of for .50 in a junk store. The little bird really doesn't match but I thought it looked cute perched there on the top.

I'm thinking about how many of my friends might get something like this for Christmas. I could do it for kids and teens with crepe paper and goodies, for my crafty friends just like this, even for the men in my life with fishing line and lures.

I do hope my swap partner likes this.

I was reading alicia's blog earlier about fabric stores being a source of comfort and inspiration. And I thought about how I am on the other side of some really major life changes and what I did to nurse myself through them. I create. I spend time alone at a place I have shared with only one other person. A hot bath and a margarita will work wonders. I do have to travel a tiny bit for work, I make those mini vacations for me.

When I am feeling a lack of creativity, I browse your blogs or spend time with the sketch books and idea books I have put together. I am so different than I was then. It's amazing to think back at so much of my life and realize how many times I compromised myself in order to please others. Once I discovered that it's better for me to be true to myself, I found that I have more to give. It was too hard pretending to be something I wasn't. So, now I have more energy to put into life and loving. It makes me more creative and productive, that makes me happier than I have ever been.

Now - in my mind - my favorite place to relax. On the dock by a lake, with a pitcher of margaritas, a basket of french bread with bruschetta and/ or spinach dip and chips, olives, etc. Listening to the sound the dock makes in the waves and absorbing all the wonder of the sun leaving the sky and night approaching. This is a scene I have replayed many times. Any one out there got a similar favorite place? Share it with us please.

Have a beautiful day.

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