Friday, June 16, 2006


This is "Rusty". He has been on the windowsill at work for 2 weeks, every day - all day. He flys around and fights his reflection. I named him after several days of this. I sit facing this window as I work and I have pondered a lot this week by observing him.

As beautiful as he is, I find myself thinking about how really stupid it is to fight an imaginary foe. Also thinking about how he really is fighting himself but thinks its important to do. I have found this to be true about me too. I fight with decisions, I fight without reasons, I fight for stupid reasons, I beat my head against problems that I can't solve. And, at the end of some days, I am so exhausted from fighting and struggling that all I want to do is crawl under the covers and rest.

So - in watching "Rusty", I have learned some lessons. I will try to only fight real battles and then only the ones that will actually have an outcome of change. I will then use that extra energy to really LOVE - fully and freely. Maybe a lesson we all can use.

Have a beautiful day.

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