Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What was I thinking?

This is one of those jump around, random, entries. That because I am stressed, suffering from over committment syndrome, and have put all of my life on one calendar page. (I think that sent me right over the edge.)

The first picture (yes that's red leather - my recliner, which has an Abby shaped indention in it.) is of swap goodies I have received this week. Fat quarters, which I cut one of for Cierra's gift immediately, a fantastic scrap fabric book, and a large piece of the coffee cup fabric. I'm thinking the coffee cup is enough for an apron. We'll see. Thanks to all of my swap partners. You guys spoil me to no end.

Now about swaps. I made a list of what I had committed to. %$#%@*& (string of expletives inserted here) What was I thinking? The swaps are so much fun for me and I love sending out as much as receiving. I am also so thankful to have many new friends from these. Let's take a look at the list.

creative journal swap -done in the mail 6-13
surprise mystery craft challenge 2
summer holiday (5 partners) - done
magic yarn ball

foodie swap
fat quarters - katies knit knat
leftover christmas cards

fabric squares -Katies knit knat
handmade postcard

craft goodie bag - Katies knit knat
christmas in July
July colorific - black and white
indie pal angel - 1 done - will do 2 more by end of month

indie pal mine - 1 more done will do 2 more by end of month
fabric scrap craft

june colorific - red and blue - done mailed 6-13
peace and harmony
- mailed 6-13
lovely fat quarters - done

add - plan retreat for youth

handmade postcards - 15 - for nikkishell postcards

my ATC indulgence project

A baby afghan for nancy - finished 6-13 -
finish Abby's Christmas stocking
a baby gift for Lori
a baby gift for april

coordinate VBS crafts - planning done - june 19 through 23 every night.

lead vbs crafts

Add - table decorations and invitations for baby shower.

arrange housing and prepare to take a team of girls to mississippi for softball - this is now in process and i am waiting for the contract to come. housing is done yeah -

(*&^&&#%#) No wonder I'm nuts.

I have a pile of swaps to mail tomorrow. Some are ready but late in mail - I am so sorry. So those can be crossed off the list. This in addition to a full time job and keeping some semblance of order in my house. Add to that the planning and construction of a creative space for me.

Did I mention - I'm nuts. As quick as the swap - bot projects are completed I am going to focus on the ATC project with full attention. I am making headway and this has been the most difficult creative challenge I have ever faced.

Now for more pictures - I saw this tickler tease on maryanns website for an indie package and had no idea what fun things were on my way. This beautiful box, earrings, cards, and the most heavenly scented candle. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I also finished the gift for her really sweet daughter (no photo yet) and will mail it today.

Last - I finished these embellished kitchen towels ( martha stewart - scored at the dollar store for 1.00 each - cool), a bracelet, and Molly did a woven bookmark for swaps. I hope those ladies enjoy all of the goodies too. (Not telling who you are)

Creating is a great stress reliever to me. Until I get under the gun, like now. I have been reading this feeling in several blogs, so apparently I am not the only one. Could it be that all of us just want to be generous to one another? I know how good it makes me feel to get a thank you for a handmade gift. I know how priviledged I feel to receive a handmade gift. I try to gift others who are creative because they appreciate it even more. They understand the effort and time it takes to make something. I try to keep up with all of the ladies on my sidebar because they understand. Understand what makes a creative soul tick. I hope you all will try to understand when you recieve a handmade gift - that many hours went into the planning and creating of that gift for you. That even as the giver is working on it - she (he) was most likely thinking of you. In my case, I often include a poem with stitched pieces that starts every stitch contains a prayer. Now I have added that prayer for all of you who come here and visit me.

Every word contains a prayer.

Have a beautiful day.


weirdbunny said...

oh dear you've certainly over streched yourself this time!! But just think of all the lovely swap packages you'll get back!!

MaryAnn said...

Hooray! I'm glad it arrived and that you like it! I just completed a new project for you and will put it in tomorrow's mail. I haven't forgotten the girls!!! They're next!

jen b said...

the shipping alone on all your swaps is enough to make me shudder! Good luck with all of your projects :)