Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally - A Productive Night

I finally had a productive night as far as creative endeavors go. I finished addressing all of my handmade postcards for the swap-bot and nikkishell swaps. I also have sent one to my indie pal who I am sure is convinced that I have died.

The postcards are collaged of various items and I used what I had. Paper, stamps and ink, colored pencils, printable copper metallic paper, glue. The "5" one is a representation of the number 5 and if you look closely all of the elements represent the number. This was a lot of fun to look for and put together.

I packaged up all my fat quarters and got them out as well.

And the most fun of all, the 2nd treasure hunt mystery craft. I love these kind of challenges. We are given a list and we have to create something from that list. Here's a description of mine. I did buy a frame to put it in, but I bought it on clearance. Everything else is from my stash.

1 - the color pink - a background wash of watercolor pink
2 - key or coin - a key charm from a fire mountain gems bead grab bag.
3 - trinket or charm - the filigree medallion in the center of the heart
4 - courregated cardboard - the center strip painted an antique white
5 - print fabric - the rose print that the heart is cut from
6 - glitter - spray glitter all over, the fabric has a glitter on it, and I used red for accent.
7 - flower - a sticker from one of my swap partners - the color was perfect.
8 - staple or paper clip - I bent staples into a diamond shape and filled them with red glitter
for the accents
9 - ribbon - edging down the center strip
10 - a book page - from an old hymnal for the background.

I do hope my swap partner likes this. I have to say, this is a favorite piece of mine. I really would have kept this for myself and may duplicate it somewhat for cards. I have looked at my new work and compared it to the older stuff I have done. My new work is reflecting where I am in my life. It's happy, lighthearted, fun, and I am there right now. My outlook is brighter and more positive than it had been in years. I visited a blog this morning and they asked a question. I would like to ask you that same question. "What theme finds its way through your work right now?"

I am slowly digging out of the hole I was in, and I am trying hard to avoid a recurrance of "overcommittment syndrome". Why do we as crafters do that to ourselves? VBS is over and now I have a lighter load. So I feel lighter, more creative.

Please give me feedback on the mystery craft. I really like to hear what others think of my work.

I do hope you all have a beautiful day.


holly said...

hi teresa! thanks for visiting me. i'm having a great time on your site! is there another mystery craft challenge? please let me know ... i had such fun doing the last one. i love what you've done ... so clever!


melissa said...

wow, i really like your collage work- and I can't wait to get my postcard from you! Thank you for visiting my site- I'll be back to visit you too!

Anonymous said...

I love what you created for the mystery craft, especially the colors. That must have been so fun to do...what a great challenge. I love the postcards...there will be alot of happy swap people when they receive those beauties :0) As for "themes"...I'm sure you know it is always children. Lately I am also drawn to using color and trying to use colors that I haven't tried before for backgrounds.

lalheg said...

gorgeous pic at the top! Re the botle swap on my blog - I hope I can log you as the first international request so that I can host a worldwide swap next!

pyglet said...

Gorgeous postcards!
I'm with Melissa, can't wait to get mine either.
We are lucky gals!

phd in yogurtry said...

I love the skeleton key collection. I think they're cool. I've got one and keep my eyes peeled for others but I never seem to see any.

What's a bot-swap?