Friday, June 23, 2006

work in progress - friday

This is MAJOR work in progress. From VBS earlier this week. I am the crafts leader for our weeklong bible school and these kids are so much fun. We made treasure boxes, windsocks, picture frames, magic mirrors, and hanging banners. I love these kids.

I was the youth director for this church until just a few weeks ago. I literally worked myself out of a job. When I started working this job, there were six kids and two were mine. We had 65 total for VBS this week. So we have hired a youth minister. A young man training to be a pastor at a local college. Nice young man - who is learning so much about responsibility, about organizing, about delegating. I try to reassure him it will be okay. Things that looks like they are easy to pull off are often very complicated and he has learned that too this week.

I am so tired. The only other time I remember being this tired was when they girls were small. But seeing a kid learn and enjoy themselves is such a blessing to me. (That's me by the door in the white shirt.)

More news about this week. I have a new mattress. We have slept on a waterbed for years and on Wednesday night, get home to a ruptured mattress. What a mess. So now that is cleaned up. and we have a new one. We have ants in the house, and that required constant attention to spray and clean. I have cleaned a huge pile out for the yard sale, and now I can clean up the hall area. If I could just get Charles to clean out the cotton house so we can start on my studio space. Maybe that's what I'll ask for for my birthday - an empty space - cheap - not so easy to obtain.

Any way a hugely busy week. Productive week. And I do believe I will take Sunday for what it was intended. A day of rest.

Have a beautiful day.

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Rachel said...

thanks for stopping by...'hope that you're snoozing great on your new mattress, that the ants found a new home OUTISDE of your home, and that your Sunday was a true day of rest...:o)