Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eye Candy

This is a fabulous new blog. I found the link via vintage pleasure.

Hippyxic Absoultely gorgeous eye candy. Can't read a word of the text because it's in portugese. This felt crown is only one of many whimsical, fun, colorful, creative items in the flickr links from the blog.
This is one of the best parts of this creative community - sharing information and inspiration. Sharing the support that comes from people who understand.

I received an email from autum (creative little daisy) this morning and she said "wouldn't it be great to have a convention of bloggers?" How many of you would get together? Just visit or bring a project and work on it together. Like an artfest but without classes or maybe a blogfest with some tutorials. Maybe a regional thing - or just a few new blog friends joining each other for dinner. (with a show and tell). I know that Katie from Katiesknitknat and I will eventually hook up since my daughter plays ball in her area often. What do you think - ideas please?

Have a beautiful day.


Megan said...

Just popped over there, it is a pretty cute site. You can click the english translation button, but it won't enlighten you all that much. It's good for a laugh though!

Like your meme below, very nice.

jen b said...

love your blogfest idea!

kristin said...

convention of bloggers!! :) i've had thoughts along those same lines, it would be very interesting. let me know when you get it organized :) thanks for the above link..