Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Remember the post about the overwhelming list. Well, I have been plugging away at it and have updated that list accordingly. All weekend, I crocheted on the baby blanket. I finished it last night, no photo yet because Nancy reads this and she wont cooperate with not looking. Last night I took advantage of a women's night at the church and finished the journal for swap, then a really cute little lamb for the red and blue swap, and the peace and harmony swap item. So since Friday, i have marked 4 off the list - gathered all of the materials for vbs crafts, managed to keep my sanity intact.

Now later today, if blogger will cooperate i will post photos of swaps received and what i have photographed of finished items.

It feels so good to have some marked off the list.

have a beautiful day.


Erin said...

Very sweet little lamb.

kristin said...

lovely banner!! and i, too lovve your little lamb, so sweet! :)