Monday, June 26, 2006

It Takes a Village

I am a North Georgia Fury softball mom. I am proud of that fact. We formed this travel team 3 years ago and as challenging as it has been at times, this organization is one of the most rewarding things in my life. The girls are all talented athletes, good students, friends with each other, and beautiful young ladies.

They are coached by several of the dads. They are cheered on by moms, siblings, family, and friends. They are supported by all. They are loved by all. They intimidate the competition, yet they are constantly complimented for their sportsmanship and off field behavior.

Jones Chapel UMC lets the team use the softball field. It is maintained by the dads and by Mr Buddy. Thanks to them.

I have left home with just my child and brought 4 more back. I think all of these parents have had the same experience. Thank you all for being willing to help with my child and others. Thank you for the trust you put in me by allowing me to help with your child. Thank you for watching out for mine and accepting that I will watch out for yours.

Thanks to the coaches for the leadership you are providing Abby and the others, both on and off the field. Thanks to the entire organization for the friendships we have formed. Thanks for supporting each other - encouraging each other - loving each other.

I am pleased to be part of an athletic organization who proudly presents a Christian life before these girls and the teams we encounter.

For these girls associated with Fury, it has been said it takes a village to raise a child, you girls are surrounded by the strongest, most supportive village there is.

We love you girls and want you to succeed in faith, life, love, and softball.

above photo front row - Chastin, Renee, Timia, Abby M

back row - Bralee, Abby A (my daughter), Olivia, Brooklyn, Cortney, Sarah, Alex

If you come and read this blog, please pray for these girls as they travel, compete, and grow into adults.

Have a beautiful day.

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