Friday, June 16, 2006


Little Birds is hosting color week and I have been taking pictures but with the schedule I have had this week, I have been slow in posting. So there will be several entries today.

White Monday. This is one of the door knobs in our 130+ year old house. White porcelain - slightly crazed and stained. I love the door knobs. We have several of these in the house, some brown porcelain, some metal, some white. We even found one with 1870 engraved in it. It's not on a door but I kept it and the chipped glass one.

I love the way these challenges cause us to look a little closer at the things in our lives.

Have a beautiful day.

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Dawn said...

Great photo...we have some of those in our old place. We also made a coat rack years ago from vintage doorknobs..I love the look of it. My son and D-i-L have one in their bathroom for towels...