Friday, June 16, 2006


Mary Ann is my Indie Pal and we have become great mail friends. She had a bit of a dud partner so I have started sending her some things too. I love it when you get to know people and form that connection.

One day recently, I open the mailbox to a package. As I sit there in my paisley pants and open this, dear daughter laughed and said "Miss Mary Ann really knows you doesn't she". The package contained a paisley apron. Too much fun. I love it. If I cooked, I could wear it in the kitchen. MaryAnn sent recipes too. Maybe that will help me learn to cook.I will wear it though, when I am trying to convince the girls I can cook and when I am helping in the church kitchen. Thank you so much.

Then on Thursday, I come home to a package. BUT ITS NOT FOR ME. No - Mary Ann has decided the girls need spoiling too. They got their own package of goodness. They loved it all and Abby likes the tiny little clothespins the most. Not sure what she is planning for those.

The blog world and the swap world have convinced me that for the most part people are generous and kind.

Thank you all my new friends. Thank you all my friends that have been with me along. Thank you for sharing a small part of life's journey with me.

Have a beautiful day.


MaryAnn said...

Hooray! I'm glad they arrived and that everyone loves everything! I still need to take some photos of the goodies you sent to me - I promise I'll do that this weekend! The banner looks SO cute in Cie's room:)

kristin said...

maryann is a gem!! how sweet to think of your girls too!!

weirdbunny said...

How wonderful to have mail from kind bloggers!