Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Finished Project - oh yeah

Wow - blogger loaded a photo on the first try today.

The finished baby blanket. Just in time for the shower tonight. Looks like a simple project but it seemed to take forever. The crochet flowers were easy to make. I could make one in about 10 minutes. SO look for these again. But hand sewing them securely to the blanket - totally different story. Lets see - Project Runway, the movie National Treasure (twice), and Dog the Bounty Hunter ( I know ) all were watched while doing this handwork. It really did turn out cute though. I like it and there will be more of this type of blanket. The next one is for a baby boy and will have crocheted circles in the bright blue on a green blanket probably.

Last night I also cut out some cute little paper clothing shapes for decorations at the shower.

I also have some of the ATC sets well under way. I hope to mail three sets this week. There is also a pile of swap packages waiting for the mail.

We are back to school and that routine is starting to fill in. We seem to take about a week to get our act together when school starts, so it will be nice to kind of get in that groove. Molly is playing varsity volleyball and Abby is on the school softball team. My mother swears I will miss this busyness when its gone. Maybe then my life will slow down.

When I read back over things for the last few weeks, I realized how heavy this blog had been. I am sorry to have "dumped" all of that here. I have felt heavy and that came right out here. So back to the normal life and crafting routine.In the last few years I have been very optimistic as a rule. The last few weeks are not normal for me. Thank you for not bailing on me. Nothing major wrong just feeling the pressures of life.

The next "BIG" craft project - to finish the AB's Christmas stocking. Molly had one before she was born, but Abby got to pick hers out. Poor Molly - she will have to live forever with the Santa/Teddy bear on the mantle - Abby's is an elegant angel. Dad has one too - a cross stitch Santa. Mine - cheap plush with tacky glitter writing spelling the name. Eventually I will be making me one too.

It is now day 8 of using what I have for August. Patting myself on the back - I was in the shopping center with JoAnne Fabrics twice this week and did not even go in the store. I haven't even bought a magazine. (Okay this IS a major announcement) Have I made a dent in the stash. Heck no. I could have a use what I have year and not make a dent in the stash. I think sometimes I buy just because I think it was a good deal at the time. I also tend to packrat things (like jars) that might come in handy. I am trying to purge some of this by using it up. As I clean up to move into the barn, I will also get rid of some of this stuff. Think of that yardsale. Isn't that the kind you like to happen up on??

I hope each of you have a wonderful day.

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MaryAnn said...

Hooray for more using what you have! I admit, I made a trip to the craft store today - yikes!