Monday, August 07, 2006


Yesterday was Communion Sunday at our church. For me communion is sacred, special, and a time to reflect on the relationship between us as sinful humans and Christ. His sacrifice never ceases to fill me with awe. Grace is a beautiful thing.

Even with the consideration and contemplation that Communion brings, sometimes things are brought to my attention during this very simple and profound act. Here is a story.

There is an elderly man in our congregation. He is forgetful. He struggles to get around. He requires help on almost every level of his existence. He comes to church with his daughter every Sunday. She is most patient with him and the love she has for him is so evident. At times, we take communion by coming past the pastor and leaving the altar. I was sitting on the front row of the choir loft, and as this man approached, he started to kneel. His daughter tried to explain to him - but he was adamant that he was going to kneel no matter how difficult it was for him to do so. He looked at his daughter, then at the pastor, and said "I will kneel at the altar of God." This was important to him. This touched my heart as I realized that even communion had the feel of "drive through" religion sometimes. Even this connection to God was even becoming a matter of convenience for some people. For this elderly man, taking the time to show his reverence, making the effort to worship God, displaying his relationship with his Saviour, was of utmost importance. It was difficult for him physically, but he made the effort. I know that effort was rewarded in my heart.

I really cannot tell you what was said in the sermon, but I can tell you that the Spirit of my loving God was demonstrated in that simple act of worship. This man's relationship with God is personal. It is deep. It is not just for show. It is real.

I am not sharing this story to sway your belief in any way. I relate this simply because I was moved by the events. Moved to look at my relationship with God. Moved to look and see if my actions are for convenience. Moved to reflect. Moved to worship. Moved to share. This simple act helped me to have a more beautiful day.

I hope you all have a beautiful day too.

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