Friday, August 04, 2006

SCARY PICTURES - not for the fainthearted

Inside the studio (barn). Well its your first look. Pardon the mess. It is used for storage of JUNK now. The wasp nests are everywhere. They love this weather - remember this is the south and its 95 degress in the shade. Some of this hard work may have to wait til cooler temps. The plan is to clean it out starting this weekend.

I have a sketch of where I want to go but I am really dreading the journey there. Because blogger refuses to cooperate with the photos this morning - I crammed them all together. You can click for bigger images (I hope) and maybe match them to my descriptions.

There are doors I took out of the house when we were remodeling. I will use them to make a screen for storage of big totes.

The ceiling is going to be covered with strips of painted wood. Whatever comes out to be the least expensive. The tin is in pretty good shape and the roofer is going to patch a few places and seal the outside. I want the ceiling either a pale blue or bright white. I will be adding a better light fixture as well.

These cabinets and shelves came out of the house too. I intend to paint these and reuse them. There are also base cabinets along the back wall that will be used.

The walls will be insulated and covered in painted plywood. I will glue cork squares to some for pinup items and one section will be a flannel board for fabric work. There will also be some peg board and maybe some slotwall. ( the spacewall company is close by us and we can buy paint grade wall board very inexpensive - like 25.00 per 4x8 sheet.) They also have cool accessories

Did I mention paint?. LOTS of it. Have I mentioned in the past that I hate to paint? I am thinking pale orange walls - think a sherbert push up - and dark red floor.

I have been collecting prescription medication bottles for bead and embellishement storage. I also have a plan for another ammo box and some tables and file cabinets. I am still struggling with ribbon storage. Any ideas???

The thing is that everything has to be covered. Summer here is dry and dusty or hot and humid. So protection from damp and dust is a consideration.

I want this to be functional and still be a funky fun space paying respect to the "old barn" it really is.

Please leave input about your favorite storage ideas. Or ideas about color schemes. Anything you think might be inspirational for this project. Just words of encouragement would even be nice.

Have a beautiful day.

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