Friday, August 11, 2006

Corners of my Home

What is with blogger and photos today? As hard as I tried they are reversed from what I wanted.

So, I am sharing these with you, although one is a wall and not a corner. To be perfectly honest, I put the jar in a corner just for the picture. It normally resides on top of a cedar armoire, but taking that picture would have required a major cleaning that I just did not have time for last night.

The covered bridge pictures are one of the few things I have completed just for me. They are cross stitched, and took me years to complete. I was at home working on one of these when the shuttle exploded on takeoff. Funny how you remember that kind of thing. They have hung in various places that I was never happy with. Then when I brought these shutters in and hung them over the sofa, I found them a home I am happy with.

The jar is a thrifted find. I found it and it was full of the thread on wooden spools. Had to have it. Anyone else familiar with that feeling? I love the textured glass. I have added a few mini craft spools into the jar, for storage, but I don't thinks that detracts from the look. I have more of these kinds of displayed items that will be moving to the BARN when it is ready.

Notice the color of the walls in these pictures. This is one of my favorite rooms. The living room and dining room are one big open space and the walls are painted this chocolate milk color. The floors are well distessed 100 year old unfinished heart pine and all the base boards and other trim are creamy white. I have a ton of eclectic stuff in here and I am sharing this because I love to see this kind of thing on other's blogs. I hope you are not bored to tears by it.

I know that I try to present positive things in my blog. I am a generally optimistic person and I really want everyone to know that. But you should know that my home is never in "perfect" pristine condition. There is always laundry waiting in some manner. There are almost always dishes in the sink. We eat in the living room and don't worry about the furniture. Right now everyone's bed is unmade. As my mother says the "house is not dirty, just lived in." That's right, we live here, all 4 of us. And as much of me as I put on this blog, there are three others who are to be represented as well. We all take our shoes off and leave them, everyone's stuff is all over the place. The best part of all that - it doesn't matter to me. I do not over agonize over the clutter. When those girls are grown and gone, I will have time to clean house (maybe). Right now, I find it much more important to spend time with the girls. I find it much more important to have a home their friends are welcome in and where they don't have to worry about coming in and leaving ball field dirt on the floor. I find it important that my girls know that I won't stay home to clean instead of going and doing something with them. This house will wait - and if people are bothered by the lived in clutter - I don't need to spend time at my home with them.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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From another "laudry always waiting" GA Belle -- Hi! I found your blog through Keri's.